About me


Known by: Sunil Singh

Location: Delhi, India

Education: Full-time MBA from G.G.S. I.P University, Delhi, India, Full-time Bsc (hon) Physics from Delhi Univeristy, India & Bachelor degree in Computer Application, India.

Profession: Problogger-Digital Marketing Consultant-Entrepreneur.

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My journey started back in my school days when I had just finished my Sr. Secondary School examination and big brother assembled a desktop computer. I was the happiest person and It was really exciting to sit in front of the computer and do different stuff such as drawing different sketches in paintbrush, playing games, typing in MS Word and Excel. I used to spend more than 10 hours a day with the computer learning different things while I still manage to spare time to prepare for Delhi Collage of Engineering entrance exam and AIEEE/ IIT. It was my dream back then to become a software engineer and start my own venture. Hence I decided to drop one year to prepare for various engineering entrance exams (Today, I’m happy to be what I’m).

Few months later after my brother setup the desktop computer, we got an internet connection. I still remember internet those days wasn’t that common in India and broadband internet was bit expensive. I used to use dial-internet connection being provided by MTNL via telephone lines. Establishing a dial-up internet connection was itself a standalone task and I used to troubleshoot for long time before establishing a connection. It was my brother who taught me to start dial-up internet, how to use it and create an email account.

In next few months we managed to secure broadband internet connection being provided by local vendor with speed of just 64kbps (haha, today I’ve 100 mbps internet connection) and I was happiest person once again. During the drop-out period of 1 year, I used to spend sufficient time to prepare for engineering entrance exam while I still managed to sit infront of computer for long hours. I used to search different websites to see the solutions of Maths/Physics/Chem problems and do other random stuff such as learn programming language (html, CSS etc).

I sat for IIT/AIEEE/DCE and other entrance exams next year. I couldn’t crack IIT exam but made through AIEEE and DEC, I was happy to secure 289th rank in DCE entrance exam which was a pretty decent score! But It was the saddest day of my life when I came to know I need to deposit fee of INR 25000 per year for next 4 years. My family’s financial condition wasn’t good those days and I couldn’t arrange this small amount and finally decided to go for Bachelor of Science (Honors) majoring physics from Delhi University. During my graduation (3 years periods), I used to spend more than 12 hours a day sitting infront of PC exploring different things, find ways to make money online, learn lot of new stuff.

One day my brother & me came across a guy from my city only who offered us to make money online working for the company he was employed with. He asked for a joining fee of INR 5000 and the work was kind of multi level marketing (MLM) where we had to post different advertisements on free classified websites and make people join the company. But it was a scam as the company had no other source of income except the joining fee that they used to collect from the new joinee like us. It was an illegitimate opportunity and we ended up with losing our money.

I was scammed once again and lost money second time when I joined similar company hopping to earn some money. I was disappointed of being scammed twice and really wished to find some legitimate opportunity to make money online.

Turning point

I had to start earning as soon as possible to support the family hence just after third year’s exams completion (results awaited)  I started my first job in a very small tour and travel company as computer operator. I was happy to draw INR 5000 monthly salary. I met a guy in this small company who introduced me term “SEO” and how he make money by providing SEO service. Those days only few people knew about this concept (who wants competitors ahaha).  This man although became my friend but never taught me SEO even after repeated requests. I started to research the topic and learn more and more about it. I used to reach home at 7 PM and after having a dinner within 1 hour, I used to sit infront of computer till 1-2 AM to learn as much as I can.

In few months I gathered enough information and learned how we perform SEO for a website. I knew it this man grabs projects online and thought about finding SEO related jobs for me as well. I came across a website called scriptlance.com (which now taken over by freelancer.com). It was the website where the people use to open the project to be competed and service providers put a bid to complete the task.

I used to bid the projects which I thought I could complete. All my bid used to get rejected as I was new, had no testimonials but one day finally I won one project and started working. Problems didn’t end here, once again receiving money from other country was a challenge for me as there was no other option than Paypal.

I didn’t have Paypal account. It was needed a credit card to be associated. My brother applied for credit card with the help of this credit card, we opened PayPal account and started to receive money for the ask I used to complete. Meanwhile I changed my day job and my daily schedule was to work 8 AM to 7 PM in the office and 8 PM till 1-2 AM working online at home.

During next few years, I established great relationships with people in different countries, found different resources to grab the projects from and started my blogs as well. I used to blog part time while I still work full time in a company. I decided several times to quit my day job to completely indulge myself in this business but in India, blogging and online business isn’t considered a reliable source of income (which is not true).

After few years the company I used to work for full time decided to shut down its office and I rather looking for a new job decided to go for full-time MBA so that I can acquire more knowledge and skills. I used to stay in the school till 5 PM (it was mandatory to maintain atleast 75% attendance, So I couldn’t skip the classes haha) and work after reaching home.

Lifestyle I live today


Today, things are in my favor, I give all my time to this business, I live the life style I always wanted to live. I’ve no arrogant boss to report to, I need not to apply for leave to take off of the work, I travel different places and make new contacts each day that pays off in longer run in different forms.

I’ve several blogs that I’m maintaining and established a good reputation online. Whatever I’ve learned by struggling for this many years, I like to share it through my blog BloggingAnArt.com so that I could help people make money or the people passionate about blogging. I always wanted to become a job creator not a job seeker but things didn’t go well initially. As of today, I’ve couple of people working for me and I’m looking forward to take this business to next level.