About me

Sunil Singh

(MBA, BCA, Bsc (Hon) Physics)

Founder – Blogginganart.com -Blogger-Internet Marketing Consultant. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus

How I started –

My journey started back in my school days when I had just finished my Sr. Secondary School examination and big brother assembled a desktop computer. I was the happiest person and It was really exciting to sit in front of the computer and do different stuff such as drawing different sketches in paintbrush, playing games, typing in MS Word and Excel. I used to spend more than 10 hours a day with the computer learning different things while I still manage to spare time for the study.

One day while searching for online work, I got to know about Blogging and SEO and started to research about it. I spend months of time learning and implementing stuff. My first earning was $50 that my client from the US paid me for offering link building service.

Later I got to know that people make more money from their own blog then offering such small gigs. The money I saved by offering small gigs helped me buy a domain name and web hosting for my first wordpress blog.

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Since then I experimented with different stuff, built several adsense websites and blog and sold for good money.

Lifestyle I live today


Today, things are in my favor, I give all my time to this business, I live the life style I always wanted to live. I’ve no arrogant boss to report to, I need not to apply for leave to take off of the work, I travel different places and make new contacts each day that pays off in longer run in different forms.

I’ve several blogs that I’m maintaining and established a good reputation online. Whatever I’ve learned by struggling for this many years, I like to share it through my blog BloggingAnArt.com so that I could help people make money or the people passionate about blogging. I always wanted to become a job creator not a job seeker but things didn’t go well initially. As of today, I’ve couple of people working for me and I’m looking forward to take this business to next level.