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High paying Keywords to start Adsense Blog

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Performing a thorough research before you start any business is really important. The research should include knowing the customer base – who all will be your customers, what is the target market size, who all are the competitors and how can your product better serve customers requirements than competitors.

Unless you have no idea about these factors, the chances of your business becoming successful is almost nil and you will end up with wasting money, efforts and the most important thing TIME which can not be recovered.

Same thing goes with online business, a thorough research on the niche, competitor’s websites/blogs plays an important role.

While this particular article talks about the highest paid niches, you may search through this blog to find articles on other topics such as How to perform a competitor’s analysis, How to search & select good keywords, How to find keyword competition etc.

Over the span of almost 8 years, I created a list of highest paid niches/keywords. If you could build a blog around these niches and advertise, you may earn really good passive income. I’ve listed down these niches below with estimated earning per click. Keep reading !

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money-matters-1173105Why Google adsense is the best way to monetize a blog?

On the internet when it comes to making money through a website/blog, PPC (Google adsense particularly, however we have other options as well like Media.net, infolinks.com, Chitika.com and tons more) is the most preferred monetization method because it is comparatively easier than other methods such as Affiliate Marketing where you have to convince people to buy the product you are promoting.

You get paid certain percentage of commission for each sale you make. Selling a product online is a tedious job unless you are a well known personality on the internet and endorsing the product after using it.

The other reason of writing this article is many people contact me online as well as offline asking what are the highest paid niches to setup a blog around so that they could earn good money per click.

Although how much you earn for each click depends on various factors such as the locations clicks are coming from, Bounce Rate, Number of posts on the blog etc., yet the clicks in these niches generally pay better than other.

List of highest paid niches/keywords

Health/ Mesothelioma – When it comes to the highest paid niches, a good internet marketeer knows health is the most profitable market on the internet.

The keywords such as “Best Mesothelioma Lawyer”, “Compensation Mesothelioma” gives really good money for each click.

Hundreds of thousands of people are looking to find information on health related topics everyday therefore starting a blog in this niche can be really profitable.

The below screenshot of Google Keyword planner tool shows the above two keywords could pay you upto $568 & $337 per click respectively.

However the money you get paid for each click depends on lots of other factors as said earlier, this is just a rough idea.

Top 5 Keyword CPC/ suggested bid by the advertisers
Compensation Mesothelioma $568
Best Mesothelioma Lawyer $337
Mesothelioma Lawyer directory $218
Mesothelioma Settlement $215
Peritoneal Mesothelioma Treatment $205



Internet Business – This is one of the hottest niche on the internet to start a blog but highly saturated as well.

It can be difficult to promote the website/blog as tons of other well known people are already dominating this niche.

They are into business for a long time and making millions of dollar. You need to further research to find good untapped keywords (I’m doubtful if any left) in this niche.

Top 5 Keywords CPC/ Suggested bid by the advertisers
Internet business services $333
Internet services for business $201
Internet service for business $132
Internet service business $126
Internet for businesses $111


Internet business niche


Law/ Lawyer – The law niche is yet another good choice to start a blog that can make you really good money.

The keywords such as “accident injury lawyer”, “personal injury law firm” are well paid keywords as you can see in the below screenshot.

With a little twist around the keyword “Lawyer”, you can make a list and start publishing the content. Top 5 highly paid keywords in this niche are:

Top 5 Keywords CPC/ Suggested bid by the advertisers
Accident injury Lawyer $269
Personal injury law firm $184
Car accident attorney $153
Auto accident attorney $150
Personal injury case $142

Law niche


Tech/ VOIP – The booming tech industry makes this niche the highly populated and well paid niche.

I’m into tech niche for pretty long time and make decent income out of my tech blogs. The below image shows the keyword related to VOIP are the greatly paid keywords in tech industry.

Keywords such as “VOIP Phone Business” “Voice over ip for small business” pays upto $250 for each click. That’s amazing !

Top 5 Tech keywords CPC/ Suggested bid by the advertisers
VOIP phone business $244
Voice over ip for small business $207
What is voice over ip phone $170
Voice over ip business $139
Voip phone service business $133

VOIP niche

Insurance – One of the highly profitable niche if you could manage to rank your insurance blog in search results.

The cost per click in this niche is pretty higher that may go well over $200 for each click. Take a look at the below Google planner screenshot.

Insurance niche

Other profitable niches

Donation – ~$100/ click

Grant – ~$50/ click

Annuity $150 / click

Cloud computing – ~$150/ click

Online collage – $130/ click and the list goes on.

These are some highly paid niches and competitive too hence you may find it bit difficult to rank the website/blog for most of the keywords however a good digital marketing guy knows the art of twisting keywords and extract some really good untapped keywords which are comparatively easy to rank.

I will be sparing time to write detailed article on finding a highly paid & low competition keywords. Stay Tuned !

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High paying Keywords to start Adsense Blog
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  • Excellent Article!

  • I think everyone should read this post before starting a blog.

  • First of all thank you so much for this fantastic article. It’s going to help so much to understand the money making tips for all… The truth is that many people ignore high CPC long tail words and join the masses in competing for seed words that aren’t worth fighting for.

    While blogging, sometimes I also get high click from $10 to $50, Recently I have got $60.40 from 3 clicks, The Avg per click cost is $20.13, and the country is Netherlands, I guess there are some ads like CPA networks which pays $20 per lead for pin submits etc, good news is, my traffic are from 3rdworlds! Lol!

    But I must tell you… Nowadays to get ranking on high CPC keyword is very tough, we have to use only the long tail CPC keywords in our posts, and it will drive more AdSense earnings, you’ll net get this high CPC all the times! But if you want to get high CPC, try to choose high paying niche! E.g., cancer, payday loans, forex, hosting, etc! But if you site about blogging, Adsense money, SEO, etc! Trust me you’ll get crap!

    It is also necessary that traffic should come through organic search only. If I drive traffic of USA and UK through social media to my website on keywords having high CPC then shall I will get the same commission as through organic search or will it differ.

  • Oh, Honestly I don’t know we can filter keyword research by this. Normally, I just filter by the competition. New lesson learned 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  • I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written! http://bing.net

  • I just want to mention I am just new to blogging and site-building and certainly enjoyed this web page. Likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You really have very good writings. Thank you for sharing with us your website.

  • thanks for providing these high paying keywords however competition is increasing day by day in every niche.

  • thank you so much for this fantastic article.

  • Tech niche is the most competitive one. If a tech blogger can consistently produce useful content, his/her blog could rank well. Mine is a tech blog with adsense approved.

    I would like to ask you a question. The question is whether one should focus on keyword or he must blog for readers?

    • Dinesh, No doubt tech niche is the most competitive niche and its not easy to rank any tech blog. You need to work on both the things in order to beat the competition. Write something to solve problems that people are facing and use long tail keywords in the articles.

    • Write for the visitors and not for search engine. You must provide value to the users coming to your blog. If you solve their problems, they will share your blog with friends.



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