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How to find HOT Topics to write blog post for your Blog

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For many new bloggers who just started, what topic to write about (within the niche they have started their blog) is a common question.

Here in this article today I will discuss some great resources to get an idea about hot topics and I hope it addresses to this problem.

The key to success of any business in my views is innovation, invention and continuous improvement (Kaizen).

Unless you don’t do something new, something innovative to serve different purposes you are un-likely to grow the business and finally end up with being out of the business in sometime.

Similarly if you want to attract visitors to your blog, you need to be innovative and continuously improve users experience on the website.

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Tag Man team explains how just 1 second delay in page load causes 7% loss in customer conversion. Understand how critical it is !

What to improve and what to invent in order to offer better user experience is a million dollar question but one thing which works well for all blogs and websites is “Good Content”.

If you write something about latest happenings around the world, write something that solves real life problems or something that could happen in the future based on your expertise, you are more likely to convince or make people visit your blog.

Not just this, but visits will multiply further as people share the stuff they like with others.

Among the other important benefits, a good content results in improved bounce rate as it engages the audience well.

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So now the question arises what to write, where to find some interesting and hot topic which are appealing to the visitors?

Don’t worry, I’ll be solving this problem and discuss some great resources to find favored & trending topics to start writing content about.

A good content would not only result in visitors, it will results in visitors turning customers/leads.

In a research according to outboundengine, whopping 90% of the customers find custom content useful and 61% of the customers feel good about the company that delivers custom content.

Copyblogger explains the importance of having a good headline and found that 8 out of 10 avg people read the headline and only 2 out of 10 read rest of the content.

But don’t worry, Neil Patel explains how you can make people read entire blog post.

In a study it is found that some people get distracted in merely 3 seconds, therefore it is important to you to write a catchy headlines to attract the people within first 3 seconds.

So by now you know how important it is to write a good content for your blog. A good content gets promoted itself through social media, word of mouth marketing, through emails, forums and other such channels.

How to find topics to write blog post for your blog

Let’s go ahead with real purpose of this article. There are plenty of resources you can get an idea from and I’m sharing some really good of them.

Google Trends – This is my first choice whenever I have to research a latest topic to write an article about. Most of the people have no knowledge about great marketing tool that big G offers for free, Google trends is one of them.

Just go to https://www.google.com/trends and you’ll see the trending topics on the page.

For example in below image, we can see Virat Kohli in T20 WC is a trending topic and the graph against the topic shows the frequency how people have searched about him in last 24 hours!

Clicking on the topic will help you dig deeper and give you data of last one week.

Google Trend

You can research different trending topics by changing the categories and the countries from top right drop down menu.

Here in this example, the above topics are trending in the United State and you can change it as per the preference.

You can further twist this tool, for example if you have something in mind and wanna check if it is trending, simply enter the keyword.

I tried it by entering the keyword “Donald Trump” while the country remains unchanged and here is direct results from Google Trend.

You can see from below chart Donald Trump is trending and being searched massively in past one year. You can play around with this tool to make list of good topics.

Donald trump keyword

Here is the regional interest on this keyword and related keywords.

related keywords

Facebook – In this planet you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t know what Facebook is. Everyone, be a kid, adult, work at home mom or a granny, everyone has fair idea about Facebook and how to use it.

But how marketers use Facebook to promote their product remains with them only.

Anyways, we can use this powerful social media site to find blog post idea. H

ave a look at the “Trending topics” on the right hand side after login to your Facebook account.

FB trend

Although this is not something new but I’m sure most of you have never went in details to know what you can get out of this.

These are the topics that people on Facebook are talking about.

According to Statista, there is about 1.53 billion active Facebook users as on December, 2015. Imagine what magic this highly populated social channel can do for you.

Number of FB users

By clubbing above two resources (Google trends and Facebook), you can create a list of some really good topics.

Just pick a FB trending topic that matches your niche and enter the same in Google trend, you will have list of related topics to write an article about.

Buzzsumo – You will get to know what content is being shared the most using BuzzSumo and writing something similar to these topics may help you grab people’s attention.

This is a paid tool but in this article, I will be using its free feature to see which topics people are liking the most and sharing through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc.

Visit http://buzzsumo.com and you will be seeing the most shared articles on the page. Look at the total number of shares and make list of articles which have been shared more than 1k times atleast.

The number of shares indicates how much people are liking that particular article and writing on the similar topic may help with increasing traffic to your blog.

Click “Trending now” and closely look at the number of social shares as shown in below figure.


Callout #1 – Indicates what topic is trending now.

Callout #2 – Allows you to select the categories. Just move down to relevant one and see the most shared articles.

Callout #3 -You can change the countries from here although we don’t have much options, chose relevant country if you are either from Australia, UK or France. If you aren’t from any of these countries, chose “All Countries”.

Callout #4– This shows the number of shares on different platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest & Google Plus. Select ones with higher total numbers of shares.

Callout #5 – You can filter the results based on your preference. For example if you want to see the trending topics in past 2 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours!

buzzsumo Trending

You can have access to number of other features if you plan to get a paid account. I’d recommend to go for 30 days free trial before making a purchase.

Make use of Twitter – You might be using Twitter for  long time but I’m sure you’re yet to explore different feature of this stunning social channel which allows you to share your limited 140 characters message.

Yes, you heard it right, Just 140 character !

According to Statista, twitter serves 305 million active users as on Q4 2015.

You can use twitter to find some hot topic for your blog. Just login to your twitter account and notice the left hand side trending topics.

Twitter Trend

How twitter recognises them trending is pretty simple. It segregates the topics being most tweeted, re-tweeted and favored.

With the help of these and hash (#) tag functionality, twitter list down trending topics which a golden nugget if you know the art of use it.

You can further explore different options to find good topics, for example change the location if you want to know what’s trending at a particular place, see the number of re-tweets and favors to decide a topic.

That’s all folks, share this articles with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or Google Plus if you like it.

How to find HOT Topics to write blog post for your Blog
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