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How to get Adsense account approved with a new blog

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People work hard 9 to 5 in the office because they get salary on the last day of the month. What I mean to say is we are working because are getting paid for it.

Similarly for a new blogger who just started and still in learning phase expect something in return (shouldn’t expect so soon).

Selling something online (affiliate marketing) for a newbie can be a tedious job, in that case Google Adsense is the best method that can help him/her monetise its blog quicker than any other method.

The income potential with Google Adsense is huge and its directly proportional to the number of visitors to your blog.

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Understanding human psychology, we feel motivated when we are appreciated for something. The appreciation could be a monetary reward or getting praised for the work performed.

In general, monetary rewards motivate human the most and encourage to work harder.

Google ADsense1

During this long span of my blogging career, I couldn’t find any better option than Google Adsense for a new blogger to kick-start monetisation.

Most of the bloggers quit blogging within 3 months as the initial phase is quite struggling and one needs to work hard for several months without expecting results any time soon.

Blogger’s life isn’t easy ! there are lots of challenges that he/she needs to go through right from starting a blog, bringing visitors and converting those visitors into customers.

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I recommend Google Adsense to start off with however to make something out of Google Adsense, you must have sufficient number of visitors to your blog.

This post is about getting adsense account approved, so I’ll not be covering traffic building methods.

However, If you are looking for post on methods to bring visitors to a blog, I’ve written down a separate article on it. Just search through this blog and You’ll find it.

Before anyone starts with Google Adsense, the very first challenge a blogger faces is – getting Google Adsense account approved !

Yes, until few years back, applying and getting Google Adsense account approved wasn’t a rigorous process as it is today.

The continuous changes in Google policies and in an attempt to stop abuse of this program, big G made it bit difficult however if you follow the guidelines laid down by the company, you’ll not find it hard.

Tips to get Google Adsense Account approved

Over the years, I have helped lots of people to get Adsense account approved and by now I memorized almost all the criteria of getting it approved and will share through this post.

I’ll list down all the major points one needs to pay attention to before applying for the account. Apart from that, I’ll discuss what all things can improve the chances of account being approved quickly.

I don’t see the reason of not getting the account approved if you follow the guidelines unless you are among those few unlucky people.

  • The website/blog should be atleast 3 months old – Before Google approves adsense account, it checks how long the website been up. Make sure to apply for an account once the website becomes atleast 3 months old (for India  & china, it should be 6 months old).
  • Duplicate content – Google will never approve adsense account for a website which publishes copied content. Avoid copying other’s content and write something unique. This is MOST Important factor !
  • Content length – Do not write short articles, it may look spammy in the eye of Google. The article length should be more than 500 words. Longer is the content length more is the chances of adsense account being approved. Its not good just for Google adsense account, posts with word counts of 2000-2500 are likely to rank higher in search engines.
  • Have a Privacy policy page – The blog or a website must have the privacy policy page which is accessible from the home page of the website.
  • Site must have atleast 20 articles – The website being used for applying for an adsense account must have atleast 20 articles of good length.
  • Must have sitemap – The blog or the website must have sitemap.
  • Easy navigation – The users should be able to easily navigate through the blog.
  • Website load speed/Avoid bulky theme – Google nowdays more focuses on offering better user experience. It may not approve adsense account for the website taking too much time in loading. Make sure to use plain fast loading website while applying for an account. The theme can be changed later on.


Conclusion – The earning potential with Google Adsense is unlimited and few of the well known websites are making millions of dollar through this program. How much one can earn depends on the traffic its website is getting.

How to get Adsense account approved with a new blog
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Comments (2)

  • This’s a nice article, bro.

    Well. I made thousands of dollar from Adsense, but never get paid from Google. You know what? I sold my account. LOL!

    This year, however, I keep one for my own blogs and trying to make what you show me on Facebook.

    If you know how Adsense review your blog, Getting Adsense account won difficult. The secret is to read Google police.

    I do agree what you said content is so important for getting approval from Google Adsense. What’s more, there are some important page such as contact, about, privacy. Make sure you mention Double track cookies polices.

    Anyway, I don’t think we need 20 articles to get approve. I experience with getting approved after 4th article.

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Thanks man I’ll follow your steps


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