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How to Make Money Blogging – [Step-by-Step Guide]

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How to Make Money Blogging – [Step-by-Step Guide]

I believe if you’ve landed on this page you must be willing to learn to make money blogging. If that is the case, I’d say, you’ve came to a right place ! I’ve been blogging for a long time and established a good name in the blogging world by now. This article will be a complete guide on the topic “How to Make Money Blogging”.

I’m sure you wouldn’t regret reading this article till the end and grab lots of knowledge & ideas off this article.

You will learn various things from a blogger who has put lots of efforts already in blogging and have tried numerous methods of making money from a blog.

There are several methods a blogger makes money from.

Once you establish yourself as an authoritative person, people tend to seek your advise and it’s when you start to make money.

However, If you are looking to make quick bucks, blogging might not be a good option because it takes time for anyone to establish itself on the internet.

Yes it takes time but it doesn’t mean you can not do that. You just need to be consistent and build relationships with fellow bloggers if you are serious about blogging. Soon, you will see the ball starts rolling.

I’m a single man army, not a company and make good living working as full time blogger. If you want to know how I started, check About me page.

How to Make Money Blogging

Irrespective of the fact whether you are blogging for a long time or just started, below are the basic steps that everyone must have to follow to make money blogging. These are the basic steps and you can not skip any of these:

  1. Setup blog
  2. Write Content
  3. Build relationships with fellow bloggers
  4. Promote your blog
  5. Make money

Step -1: Setup a Blog

Process: Buy Domain> Buy Web Hosting> Point Name Servers> Install WordPress> Install Plugins>

You need to have a Domain and Web Hosting to setup a blog. Since you are reading this article, the chances of you setup a blog already are great.

In case you don’t have one, take a look at this detailed guide: How to start blog from Scratch.

This article explains everything right from registering a domain name to setting up fully functional blog.

For Domain name, you can head over to Godaddy and register a domain name for a massively discounted price of 99 cents for whole year (click here to get this deal).

If you miss this deal, you’ll have to pay about $15 for domain registration. The cost of domain renewal will be about $15 next year.

Buying a reliable web hosting is pretty important because you can’t afford to lose visitors on account of your blog being out of service due to bad web hosting service.

If you ask for my recommendations, BlueHost is a reliable Web Host who has been into web hosting business for a very long time and have a great customer support.

In case you want to buy web hosting from Bluehost at a discounted price, check out this deal.

Step -2: Write Content

Process: Search topic > write good content

Content is a backbone of your blog. I wouldn’t hesitate saying “Content is King”. Your blog tend to rank higher in search results automatically if the content is of high quality.

People like and share posts if they benefit them directly or indirectly. Research thoroughly on the topic you are going to write about and include facts and findings from research that have done before.

Make content interesting, engaging and easy to understand. Avoid using Jargon, it may repel visitors off your blog.

Look for the problems people have been facing at Q & A websites such as Quora, Yahoo Answer, Answers.com etc and offer solution to their problems.

The content which addresses to a specific problem, people share it with their friends on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. and this is what we need !

If you can’t think of a good topic and scratching your head to find good topics to write about, check out my previous post – How to find top topics to write about.

Step -3: Build relationships with fellow Bloggers

When you start some new business, the first thing you do is to let everyone know about it and get to know the people who have already established themselves well in that business. Same thing happens in Blogging as well !

When you start a new blog, start talking about it on social channels, in personal meets and create relationships with the people who are successful. The more people you will connect to, more faster you will grow.connection

Build good community by writing useful content on your blog that solves people’s problems.

Regularly writing good content at your blog will help you gain popularity and establish yourself an authoritative person. People will get to know you by name and seek your advise.

More the number of people you will train by writing useful content, more the number of people will get to know you. They will refer you to others, share your articles on the internet and that’s how you will grow along with growth of your blog.

Step -4: Promote your Blog

About promotion part, I’d say, start with social media as nowdays its by far the best method of promoting a blog on the internet. Write useful content and share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

You will find lots of people having different problems specific to your niche and writing content to resolve their problems will attract more and more visitors to your blog.

As I said people like content that is useful and share with others on social media. It keeps on multiplying and your blog get promoted itself.

According to Wikipedia, Facebook as on Dec 31, 2016 have more than 1.86 billion active users around the world and its growing with a fast pace. Similarly Twitter and Google+ too cover major chunk of online population.

If you aren’t considering social media for promoting your blog, you are committing a very big mistake.

Apart from that, word of mouth marketing, email outreach, participation in expert rounds that other bloggers are doing on their blog, participation at relevant forums & contribution at other blogs will help you promote your blog and establish yourself a known person on the internet.

Step -5: Make Money

Here come the main part ! Once you are done with above basic steps, your blog will become ready to be monetised. There are several ways of making money from a blog but you need to chose the best which performs well for your blog.

However, many often, a blogger monetises its blog through multiple ways and it does make sense. Nobody in the business wants to have a single source of income, having multiple streams of income is always a good option.

I’ll be discussing several methods of monetising a blog and you can follow more than one at the same time.

How to Make Money Blogging- How bloggers make money?

Internet is pretty big and the opportunities are immense. There could be uncountable no. of ways of making money online.

How to Make Money Blogging

According to Internet World Stats, there is 3,731,973,423 number of internet users across the globe with whopping growth rate of 933.80% between 2000-2017.

Internet Population

With such a huge population, the internet world is full of opportunities and bloggers take great advantage of this opportunity.

I’ll discuss how to make money blogging in this article sharing all the methods in detail. They are broadly classified into following categories:

5.a) Affiliate Marketing

5.b) Advertisement

5.c) Selling Digital Products

5.d) Offer Consultancy

5.e) Offer Freelance Services

5.f) Sell Physical Products

5.g) Be a Speaker

5.h) Donation

5.i) Sell subscription

5.a) – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the major source of income for most of the bloggers. It helps blogger to earn % of commission on the product he sells on company’s behalf.

According to WikiPedia

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

For example let us consider A is a company who creates products and have a affiliate program, B is a blogger (or affiliate marketer) and C is a customer. The blogger B joins affiliate program of the company “A” and becomes an affiliate.

He gets a unique affiliate ID after joining affiliate program so that all his performance (how much customers he sends, no. of sales etc) could be recorded under this unique affiliate ID.

This blogger is entitled to receive a commission if the customer “C” buys company “A” product via Blogger’s affiliate ID.

Since the purchase was made via blogger’s affiliate ID, the credits for this sale will be recorded under Blogger’s affiliate ID. Same thing happens for the next sale.

Affiliate Marketing ExplainedDifferent companies have different ways of paying affiliates. For example some company decides a percentage of commission on each sale, other may offer fixed price.

The commission could be a one time commission or recurring. I prefer promoting products which can give me recurring commission each month.

In the affiliate marketing, the affiliate ID plays a critical role because this a unique number given to affiliate and h/she must always use this ID while sharing details about the product being promoted.

In case you miss linking your affiliate ID and the customer makes purchase through your reference, you will not be entitled to receive credit for this sale.

It happened to me during early days of my blogging career where I was promoting products but wasn’t receiving credits for the same since I wasn’t linking my affiliate ID.

The other important thing bloggers should make sure is, they track the performance of the product they are promoting. They need to monitor no. of clicks, conversions, money spent etc.

Measuring performance helps blogger to know if the product they are promoting is performing well or no. The A/B test helps bloggers to optimise ad campaign and improve ROI.

The best advantage of affiliate marketing is that you need not to have your own product, you sell products that other create and make pre-decided commission on each sale made through your referral URL.

Some of the bloggers/affiliate marketers such as Michelle, Mathew Woodward and Pat Flyn earn major chunk of their monthly income through affiliate marketing. Michelle who was once under debit of 40k USD paid it back after few months of starting her blog.

Where to find affiliate Programs?

There is two things –

  1. Directly approach company and join its Affiliate Program – Good for Physical Products
  2. Join affiliate program via Network – Good for digital products

Direct – In direct, you can directly approach company’s website, see if they have affiliate program and join it.

Via Network – Many companies make use of affiliate networks to run their affiliate program. You need to join such networks to become an affiliate.

I avoid direct approach (Unless I’ve to promote physical products and the company is either Amazon or Ebay) to the company for affiliate program as I’ve heard lots of cases where the affiliates are not credited for the sales they have made.

The worst I heard was the company suspended one blogger’s affiliate account had $xxxx amount of unpaid commission.

Hence, if you are approaching any company directly, make sure you perform thorough research about its affiliate programs. Get in touch with people promoting their products and have paid.

The affiliate networks take care of such incidents and make sure you get credit for the sale made through your affiliate ID.

The risk of not getting paid or your account being suspended because of bullsh*t reasons are pretty less !

BUT !!

if you are considering selling physical products such as Computer, Laptops, Home & Garden related products, Cloths, Sports & Outdoor items, Books, Automobile items, Health & Beauty products, Kids item etc. then Amazon or Ebay which aren’t affiliate network are great choices.

I’ve been Amazon and Ebay affiliate for a long time and earning consistent income.

Amazon Associate Program – Amazon is not a network and run one of MOST RELIABLE affiliate program. At amazon, they do not call affiliates AFFILIATES, they call them Associates !

Amazon have wide range of products you can chose to promote and earn commission. It has different commission percentage for different categories ranging from 4% upto 15%. you can get paid through different ways such as Wire Transfer, Check, E-check etc.

Ebay Ebay is yet another reliable company that pays good commission. You have tons of products to promote, be it Books, Heath & Fitness products, Kids products, Automobile items or anything else.

5.a.a) – Affiliate Networks

If you are considering promoting digital products, it will be a wise decision to go through an affiliate network. The affiliate network acts as middleman between advertiser (company who created product) and publishers (bloggers, affiliate marketers) who promote the product and get commission for each sale.

There is many affiliate networks. Some of the good network that I’ve tested are :

ClickBank – One of the oldest network have thousands of offers under different categories. You can chose the categories you want to chose offers from and promote it.

As per my experience, ClickBank performs well for Make Money Online, E-business and Marketing, Employment & Health and Fitness products.

Commission Junction – Also known as CJ, it is yet another oldest affiliate network have millions of  publishers promoting products.

Its a huge network with plenty of products in almost all the categories. For me, Web Hosting, Domain, WordPress Theme & Plug-in, Marketing Software etc worked well.

ShareAsale – This again a very good affiliate network have lots of good offers to promote. You can use ShareASale for offers like Web Hosting, WordPress Themes & Plus-in, SEO tools & software etc.

5.a.b) – CPA Networks

Before I talk about CPA networks, let’s understand what does CPA stand for. CPA is acronym for Cost Per Action Or Cost Per Acquisition whereby the company decides the cost of an action (paid to publisher – Blogger or Affiliate Marketer) taken by the customer.

The action could be anything, either the customer buys a product, enters its email or zip code, opt for free sample, signups or pays for trial offer.

CPA networks are somewhat similar to affiliate networks where the company lists its offers and publishers chose to promote such offers and get paid for each action taken by the customer.

There is many great CPA networks but you must chose the one which is reliable and pays well. Over the years, I’ve used lots of CPA networks and found below networks are good to go.

MaxBounty – Maxbounty is one of my favorite CPA network which is operational for a very very long time. It has lots of great CPA offers that you can chose and promote.

You have offers in categories such as Insurance, Automobile, Make Money online etc. You can get paid for bringing Sign Ups, Email Submit, Free trials etc.

If you are beginner, Email Submit and Zip submit offers are good to go.

Peerfly – Peerfly is yet another great CPA network which has lots of interesting offers that you can chose to promote. Here too Email submit offers are good to go.

The only problem with Peerfly is that, they very strictly review application and in most of the cases, newbie’s application gets rejected.

However, if you can explain in detail your method of promoting offers, they most likely will approve your application to join the network.

ClickBooth – Sign up for ClickBooth and chose offers which you want to promote. It is relatively easier to get approved with ClickBooth.

Apart from above three major CPA networks, you can search many more on Google. But before choosing any network, make sure you perform thorough research about it. The Affiliate marketing when it comes to- how to Make Money Blogging

5.b) – Advertisement

The other method bloggers make money through is Advertisement. There could be several types of advertisement and I’ll discuss all of them one by one separately.

Advertisement is a great source of Income for the bloggers as there is plenty of small, medium, big companies and individuals looking for good blogs to advertise their products.

Such companies pay differently for different kind of advertisements. Some pay for ad impressions and some others pay a fixed monthly fee.

5.b.a) – Display Ads

This is the most common form of advertisement where the bloggers get paid to display ads of advertisers in header, footer, sidebar or even in the middle of the article.

The display ads could be a flashy graphic ad that pulls visitor’s attention or a link ads similar to other links on your blog.

The display ads are generally provided through the ads network and come in different sizes and forms.

Once you signed up with an ad network, you will be given access to control panel where you can select ads size and type.

For each ad, there is an HTML code which you can copy and paste wherever you want to display such ads on your blog.

The blogger gets paid for each click made by the visitor on the ad irrespective of the fact whether or not visitor makes any purchase.

Hence the earning potential is directly proportion to the number of ads clicks (in general ! however how much you get paid for each click depends of various factors. The pay for each click can be as low as 1 cent and as high as $500).

Also see: High paid keywords to start adsense blog and make money

The most prominent places you can put ads are in right side of header section, in sidebar or the footer. Apart from that, some bloggers like to put ads between the article and it works pretty well.

Although we have many great ad networks but the most reliable one are Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolink, svorn (formerly known as lijit), Chitika.

Google Adsense is Google’s ad network and one of the major source of my income that pays comparatively better than other networks well (I don’t use adsense on this blog because of reasons, I use it on my other blogs)

Also see:  What I learned by experiment with Google Adsense for 7 years

5.b.b) – Direct Display ads

In direct display ads you need not to have a mediator like we discussed under Display Ads section above. Here, either the blogger or the company (small, medium, big or even individual) contacts each other to display advertisement on blogger’s blog.

The banner advertisement is most common form of ads under this category and the blogger can get paid a fixed monthly price for keeping the banner advertisement for a week, two weeks or even for a month.

The companies always search for good blogs that receive great amount of traffic, have good number of subscribers, social media presence and collaborate with them.

Alternatively, in some cases, bloggers too can approach companies and propose them to run ads on their blog.

Here, the earning of the blogger doesn’t depend on the clicks being made to the advertisement because he is paid a fixed monthly price irrespective of whether ad being clicked or no.

5.b.c) – Rent Space

This is another most common way of making money through blog. The bloggers make big money by renting space on their blog. It is done through a network where the blogger list its blog’s URL, estimated traffic and other details and the interested parties (advertisers) buy spots for a proposed price.

This is another form of direct advertisement where the buyer (advertiser) and the seller (blogger) can agree upon a fixed price in exchange of a spot on seller’s blog.

One most reliable platform to find such kind of advertisement opportunity is BuySellAds. It’s a kind of marketplace which brings the advertisers and the publishers to a common platform and make a deal.

5.b.d) – Sponsored posts

It is yet another common form of advertisement that bloggers make money from. Sponsored Posts are the articles being published on your blog with links back to advertiser’s blog or website or a squeeze page.

There are lots of Digital marketing companies that actively search for good blogs to publish sponsored posts to.

The cost of per sponsored post depends on various factor but in general, it depends on the authority of your blog, the traffic it receives and the social media presence.

I receive lots of requests for making sponsored posts to my blogs from advertisement companies and it adds significantly to my monthly income. I charge between $100 to $300 per sponsored post.

In this case the advertisers provide content with images and link that the advertisers want to include in the article.

Thought it depends on blogger’s preference but if I speak of myself, I don’t accept any article shorter than 700 words, have affiliate website’s link OR link to any other objectionable websites such as porn, casino, gambling etc.

5.b.e) – Review Items

This is kind of sponsored post that I’ve discussed above but in this case, the blogger write content on advertiser’s behalf.

How it is different from sponsored post is that, in this case advertiser asks blogger, who is considered an expert to use his/her knowledge and write detailed review the product.

Ofcourse if an expert reviews a particular product, there are high chances people consider buying that product.

For example, if you are the manufacturer of automobile items such as the seat cover, the chances of item being sold increase considerably if it is reviewed by someone who blog about Cars. Makes sense?

Speaking from a blogger point of view, for example being a blogger if someone asks me about the best and reliable web hosting company and I recommend them to buy it from BlueHost, the chances are very high he/she buys web hosting from BlueHost are pretty high.

(By the way, I actually recommend BlueHost for being a reliable web hosting, have good support and being active in the business for a long time. CHECK OUT WEB HOSTING DEAL)

5.b.f) – Rent Email/Subscribers List

A blogger shares it’s expertise regularly through blog posts and people subscribe to blog so that whenever any new post is published, they get notification directly in their inbox. That’s how bloggers make their email list.

Apart from making money through email marketing, the bloggers make money by renting this email list as well.

According to campianmonitor research report findings, the email marketing is an effective way of advertisement that yields whooping 4400% ROI and $44 for each $1 spending.

In another research by Radicati, the number of emails sent per day are 269 billion in 2017 which is expected to grow to 319 billion by 2021 at an avg rate of 4.4 % per year.

Such facts explain why creating an e-mail list is important and why would a company approach bloggers to take their email list on rent.

5.c) – Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products on blog is an additional source of income for bloggers. Here, you need to not physically send the item to the customers, it can be downloaded from a website/blog. Take a look at such products.

5.c.a) – Ebook

The most common product that bloggers sell online is E-book. Some blogger who have been into business for a long time creates e-books on different topics and sell it to make extra money.

The e-book can be about anything. For example if you are a digital marketer, you can write an e-book about increasing blog traffic through social media or search engine optimisation. Similarly if someone is a yoga trainer, he/she could write e-book about the benefits of yoga !

Take a look at Amazon’s daily e-book sales report published on Quora. According to this report, Amazon sells $1,756,000 worth of e-books per DAY. That’s a big amount !

it gives us idea about the e-book purchase behavior of the customers and hence the potential earning of a blogger selling e-book.

5.c.b) – Sell subscription/Tools

Certain bloggers apart from being a blogger are kickass programmer as well and build web based tools to give access to in exchange of a monthly/ yearly or one time subscription fee.

In other cases, even if a blogger doesn’t know programming, he/she hires a program to create web based tool based on its expertise and make money by selling its subscription.

5.c.c) – Flip websites/blogs

Bloggers make huge money by trading websites/ blogs. Sometimes they create blog from scratch, bring traffic and make it earn some bucks per month and then flip it for a good money.

There are lots of buyers on the internet who actively look to acquire blogs and websites having great income potential.

In other cases, the bloggers purchase blog/website that doesn’t do much in terms of traffic and earning at cheap price, promote it using their expertise and flip it for a 15 to 20 times of average monthly income once the blog starts to make money.

One of the biggest marketplace that connects buyers with sellers is Flippa. Flippa is an online platform where the bloggers list their blogs/website and let the interested people bid their price.

5.c.d) – Flip domains

Domain trade industry is growing with a fast pace and there is lots of buy/ sell of domains happening on the internet on daily basis. Some of the great domain names are sold for a HUGE money.

There is quite a lot places you can buy / sell domains from. Sedo, is one of the oldest and biggest marketplace for domain trading that witnessed trade of many great domains.

Among others, Godaddy Auction, Afternic, NamePros Forum, Flippa are some of the great marketplace to flip a domain name.

5.c.e) – Video Tutorial/Training

Creating video tutorial is yet another source of income for a blogger. Some bloggers create a complete course video on a particular topic containing several short videos and sell it for a hefty amount.

For example a blogger who blogs “how to make money online” can create video course explaining different stages/ steps of making money online and sell it as a complete course to the people who are willing to learn to make money on the internet.

The video links are sent via email or access to videos hosted on its own blog or other platform is given to whosoever have made the payment.

One such big platform where blogger/digital marketer and other professionals sell video tutorials is Udemy. You can sign up as instructor, upload videos and sell it to interested people.

5.d) – Offer Consultancy

Offer SEO services to the clients – Offering SEO consultancy or digital marketing service is one of the obvious way of making money for a blogger like me.

Neil Patel who blogs about Internet Marketing helped many big companies like Amazon, HP, GM, Viacom to increased their sales by multiple fold.

Neil has got mastery in internet marketing and charges huge money in exchange of offering consultancy.

More the number of people know you, more they will refer you to other people. This is how you get money making opportunities coming your way.

Some part of my monthly income come through SEO consultancy as well.

Organise Paid Webinars – The bloggers organise webinars on different topics and educate group of people who paid them to join such webinars.

The webinar can be organised through Google Hangout, Youtube, Skype or through other platform but I prefer Google’s Hangout.

5.e) – Offer Freelance Services

If you are good at Web design or development, writing articles on a particular topic, Creating logo or Catalog or banners, Internet Marketing, or even Data Entry, you can offer these services and make really good money.

Some people completely rely on offering freelancer services and make full time living. It gives them freedom to work whenever they want to.

For bloggers, they make good money by offering services such as SEO, Article Writing Service, Website promotion, Social media marketing services. Take a look at freelance services that you can offer to make some money:

Virtual Assistance – There are lots of people looking for virtual assistant to perform various odd jobs. It can be either data entry in excel spreadsheet or converting PDF file into word file etc.

Graphic Design – If you’re good with graphic software such as Photoshop, Coral Draw etc, you can offer graphic design services like banner design, Logo design etc.

SEO /Link building – Help people to build backlinks for their website and other SEO related tasks if you are good with SEO.

Web Design -If you have good command on web design software, offer web design services. There are lots of people looking for freelance web designers.

Web Development – Use your coding skill to make money. The web development cost can go as high as $5000 to $10000.

Translation service – If you know different languages, you can make really good money. There are plenty of people looking for translators who can convert documents from one language to other.

There is a huge demand of people who can convert text/audio file from Spanish to English, French to English, Chinese to English etc and vice versa.

Video editing – If you know art of editing videos, offer this service to make quick bucks.

Content Writing Service – Content writers are in huge demand in today’s time. The average charges of a freelance content writer can go from $5 to $50 per 100 words.

Animation – Plenty of companies and individuals are looking for animator to create creative video to strengthen their marketing plans. Help them and make money.

Voice over – If you have a good voice, you can go for offering voice over service. Many people looking for such kind of work done.

Coding – If you know programing language, you surely can make good money. Plenty of people on freelancer websites are looking for programmers.

Social Media Manager– If you like Facebook and other social channels such as Twitter, Google Plus, you can make money with that too. Charge people for promoting their business on social media websites.

There is many sources you can search for such opportunities at.

Take a look at my below list of REALLY good sources you can grab such freelance jobs from.

5.f) – Sell Physical Product

Selling physical product via blog is another source of income for a blogger. You can sell stuff like T-shirt, Books or other hand made products that go in line with the interest of your the readers.

Apart from that, selling stuff on Amazon, Etsy, creating own exclusive store with shopify are the platforms that bloggers use to sell physical products.

5.g) – Be a Speaker

Companies organise different events, conference and invite bloggers to speak on topics they are expertise in and pay them really well.

The charges for speaking in a conference for few minutes can go mighty high for someone who established himself as an authoritive person in a particular field.

The other advantage of speaking in conference is, apart from getting paid, more and more number of people get to know you which opens doors for other opportunities as well.

People contact them for endorsing their products or even become a brand ambassador.

5.h) – Donation

When you offer something great on your blog or website, people like it and share it with their friends. Since you help people with their problems free of cost, they don’t mind donating a small amount of money as token of their appreciation to your good work.

It requires lots of efforts, time, research, analysis and occurrence of other indirect cost and to reduce such expenses, bloggers seek for voluntarily contribution.

People want them (bloggers) to keep up the good work and to support them, they make donation.

5.i) Sell Subscripion

Create premium content or tool which you think can help people solve their problems. For example If you are into SEO, you can create detailed SEO guide (podcast or video) to teach people step by step how they can optimise their website to bring in search engine traffic.

Or you can create some kind of web based tool that can help people manage their website or blog. Or it can the research that you have conducted on a particular topic.

Such premium content (Guide or Tool) can be restricted for public access and only those people who has subscribed for premium membership are allowed to this premium content. There could be one time subscription fee or recurring.

What Next ?

If you too are willing to make some extra income and haven’t started yet, you can start it today. Browse through this blog to learn different stuff about setting up a blog with WordPress, promote it and make money out of it.

Make Money BloggingWhat you need to invest in are:

  • Domain name (Click here to buy Domain at 99 cents only)
  • Web Hosting (Click here to buy Web Hosting from BlueHost at Discounted Price)
  • Content – If you can write yourself, you can avoid this cost.

Catch me on Facebook or drop a line to my e-mail if you have any query. I’ll try to get back as quick as possible.

If you like this article, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus as a token of your appreciation. 

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Over to you !

How to Make Money Blogging – [Step-by-Step Guide]
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