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How to transfer a domain from HostGator to Godaddy

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I’ve heard this question from many bloggers during interaction at events and I believe its a concern for lot of people.

People ask how can they transfer domain from HostGator which is not much popular for domain registration to Godaddy which is one of the biggest domain registrar in the world.

In this post, I’ll list down step wise method to transfer a domain from HostGator to Godaddy account.

I find very less people registering domain with HostGator as HostGator is primarily famous for web hosting not for domain names.

Many who have domains registered with HostGator must have got them as complementary gift with promotional hosting plans.

I too bought web hosting from HostGator for 2 years and got one domain for free !

At times HostGator offers great domain deals and we can find people registering domains with HostGator as well.

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Anyways I’m not going to discuss why should we or why should we not register domain with HostGator, it solely depends on the people which domain registrar they want to purchase domain name from.

HostGator is a great choice as well for Domain registration. This post is about transferring a domain from HostGator to Godaddy.

Having domain name transferred to Godaddy account from HostGator is a several steps process and may take upto 7 days to complete the process as it involves few steps which are beyond our control.

Either you’re transferring domain name from YOUR HostGator to YOUR Godaddy account or from someone else’s HostGator to your Godaddy account, the process is same.

If its someone else who is holding domain with HostGator and you need to get it in your Godaddy account, you’ll need to coordinate with him for transaction ID and Security code which Godaddy will send via email to his email account.

Let’s take a look at the whole process.

Get prepared for Domain Transfer from HostGator to Godaddy

  • Before you start with domain transfer process, make sure to note down email addresses associated with both the registrars as Godaddy will send transaction ID and security code to the email associated with domain registered with HostGator.
  • Make sure the email address you have used for HostGator as well as Godaddy is active and you’re able to access them.

Get started with Transfer Process

Step 1- Login to your HostGator account. Click here to login.

Step 2- Enter email and password.

Step 3- Unlock the domain as shown in below image. Click on “Change” and make it Unlocked !

HostGator Domain Unlock

Step 4- Note down EPP Key. It is also called authorisation code.

Purchase Domain Transfer from Godaddy

By now you have unlocked the domain at HostGator and obtained Authorisation code (or EPP code). Its time to purchase domain transfer.

Step 1– Buy domain transfer from Godaddy. Click here to buy.

Step 2– Complete the purchase (needless to say but make sure its the same domain which is registered with HostGator and you want to transfer to Godaddy).

Step 3– Once you make the purchase you will receive receipt on the email which is associated with Godaddy.

Domain Transfer

Step 4– You will also receive email from Godaddy saying they need permission from current administrative contact, it means they will send an email with Transaction ID and Security code to email associated with HostGator.

Step 5– Check the email account associated with HostGator. There must be an email with Transaction ID and Security code. Copy them.

Step 6– Go to Godaddy account and click “Domains” and then to “Transfer”.

Step 7– You will see the domain which we we need to transfer. Click on “manage” next to domain name and enter the Transaction ID and security code you have copied in step 5.

Step 8– Now click on basic tab and enter the EPP code (or authorisation code) you copied from HostGator domain manager. Check “I authorise the transfer” and finish the process. That’s all !

Check the status of domain in Godaddy domain manager, it will show “processing transfer”. It can take upto 7 days for the process to complete.

How to transfer a domain from HostGator to Godaddy
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