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Legit Websites to find real work opportunities online

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If you had gone through my journey on “About me” page, I discussed how I was scammed twice in the initial days.

I was told to get paid for posting an advertisements online and referring people to join the company but that wasn’t a legitimate opportunity and I ended up with losing my money.

Hence its very important to find some real opportunities, real work that pays off.

I learned from mistakes, researched good resources to grab some real projects and never ever given chance to any scammer to steal away my hard earned money.

I’ll be sharing those resources with the readers of my blog, keep reading !

Before you agree to work for anyone virtually, you need to take several things into account.

I do not say everyone on the internet is a cheater, infact there is only few countable number of people who do that.

Yet before you decide to work for anyone make sure to not pay any joining fee (except for some special occasions).

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I know  how difficult it is to find a work online and that too a genuine work.

Over the years, I had worked for many people online from around the world, US, UK, Aus being the most popular ones and I found not even a single person from these countries deceived me however you never know.

Anyways let alone these things, today in this article I’ll be discussing some really good resources where you can find really good work opportunities.

Pre-requisite of start working online-

You need to be ready with several things before you decide to work online.

These things are really critical for online business and must be arranged first.

I faced lots of problems during my journey (some of them become obsolete by now, for example dial-up internet connection) and like to share in this article so that you don’t see on your way.

Desktop Computer/Laptop with reliable internet connection –

This is a must to have a good desktop computer/laptop with a reliable internet connection as these two things are the foundation of online business.

I know its basic thing but in some countries finding a reliable internet connection is not that easy.

You will see occasions when the client will request to deliver the work by the end of the day or in few hours and if you do not have reliable PC and internet connection, you’re likely to miss the deadline of work completion that gives wrong impression in spite of the fact you’re hard working and have skills to complete the task on time.

In online business world where everything happening via internet, testimonials of your work, feedback, reputation play critical role.

People (the project creators Or work providers) are more inclined to choose the service provider who has a good number of testimonials, feedback, reviews of the service rendered to other clients.

Hence it becomes utmost important for you to provide top quality service to your clients so that apart from they pay you fee, write good testimonials, feedback about your service as well that will help you build reputation online and ultimately help you grab more projects/work.

Payment method

The problem I faced when I completed my first task is how to get paid. You need a payment method for cross-border transactions.

The client wanted to pay me through globally accepted payment method PAYPAL but I didn’t have one.

Paypal Objects research indicates some eye opening statistics about Paypal and how it is being used world wide.

According to this research the US & China are the leading countries in terms of total online spending however India is growing fast !

According to Paypal, it stands at $282 billion payment volume and 4.9 billion of payment transactions in 2015 alone. That’s huge !

I had no PayPal account and needed to wait for the payment until I got one.

Do not repeat this and have the PayPal account ready before you start working online. It doesn’t cost a dime !


In this online business world, when the client and service provider hardly meet in real life, it becomes important for the service provider to provide better service to the client.

You need to show the dedication towards the assigned job and make client happy. If you are successful in winning the heart of the client, it will pay off in different form.

The client will write testimonials about your service, leave positive feedback on the websites, refer you to other people and come back to you again as well.

CMO explains 80% of the income comes from 20% of existing customers. So never make your client angry!

To relate it with e-commerce websites/shopping sites such as ebay, amazon, you are more likely to purchase stuff from the seller who has lots of positive reviews on these websites. Similar thing goes here.

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List of websites to look for work

Freelancer.com –

FreelancerThis is one of the biggest marketplace to connect the project creator (client) with service providers.

You can find plenty of projects in different categories and bid ones which you think match your skills and are able to complete.

You can find any kind of work from this website like simple data entry to website development to engineering to accounting and legal.

It has massive amount of projects to choose from connecting 18,641,914 people (as of March 28, 2016) from 247 countries.

In order to bid for the projects, you need to create an account as a service provider that takes no more than 5 mins.

Once you create an account, you need to complete the profile which includes your hourly charges, your personal information, skillsets, education etc.

Once you are done with it, you can use the search box to look for the work matching your profile and place bids.



Guru.com works on similar concept as freelancer.com. There is 1.5 million members worldwide, over 1 million jobs have been completed by the service providers.

Just register an account as a service provider and search through the website to find projects matching your profile and place bids.



Peopleperhour is yet another great marketplace for project creators and freelance service providers.

Register for an account and start bidding for the projects that you think can complete on time.

It is important for you to deliver the work on time as after completion of work, the buyers will give you feedback based on his experience while working with you.

There is plenty of open jobs right from basic data entry work to complex software development.



Formally known by Odesk, upwork has massive amount of open projects. You need to again sign up as a service providers and quote your price for completing the job.

The project creator too signs up for an account, open a project and find the freelance service provider to complete the job.

As soon as service provider completes the job, the project creator pays the money and leaves feedback about the service.



If you are good at designing different stuff such as logo design, web design, banners, 99designs is the best choice to find work.

This website is dedicated to the designers only where the project creators post their requirements about design work and the designers (service providers) quote their price, turn around time to complete the job. Go ahead, sign up and start picking projects.



Yet another similar website where you need to sign up to bid for the projects that you are willing to take up.

Read the project’s requirement carefully and bid fair price to complete the work.

Initially to build a reputation on this website, you may try to quote below the normal price. Once you are established, you are more likely to win the projects as I said earlier.

Also if you provide good services, much of your time would be occupied by the repeated clients.



WorknHire is india’s leading marketplace for contractors and the clients.

If you click “HIRE EXPERTS” from the menu, you will get to know huge number of service providers are offering their services under different categories.

The concept is same as other websites where you need to sign up and quote your price to complete the work.

Since this is India’s platform, you can have option to receive the payment via bank transfer/NEFT.

So, what you are waiting for, go ahead and register a contractor’s account.



Craigslist was my first preference when I had to search for the work online in past time.

Why because, you need not to sign up for an account if you want to contact the project creator.

Craiglist is a free classified site with lots of different categories. You can buy /sell stuff, offer your services, offer real estate services, personal services, find jobs & gigs.

To find a work on this website, just click the country/state/city you want to look into and check the gigs section.

Under the gigs category, you will find plenty of people need to get varieties of work done.

Click the gigs title to read whole requirement and if you think you can do this task, hit “Reply” button.

Once you hit the “Reply” button, copy the email given in box which is something like “[email protected]” and login to your email account. Send the email to this email address quoting your price and why you are the right person for this task.

In some cases you will find you aren’t able to understand what client actually wants.

In that case you can start the communication asking for more information about the work.

Including your profiles at Freelancer.com, upwork, peopleperhour and other such sites where you have built a good reputation in the email will make you stand out of the crowd and chances of winning the job be higher.

DigitalPoint Forum

Digitalpoint forum

This is world most famous internet marketing forum with over 786,196 members (As on March 30, 2016).

Most of the clients I had worked with was found via this forum. Many freelancers ignore this forum to find a work but I bet this is the best resource to find work online.

Just sign up for an account, complete the profile and go to services categories.

You will find several people are looking to get their task completed and you can private message them telling your price to complete the task.

You can find simple data entry work to article writing gigs to software development work.

It is completely free and the response from the job creator is way much faster than above resources.

The best part is all the clients I found here came back to atleast once more.

Here too you need to build the reputation in order to fetch more work for yourself.

I went one step ahead (I know its crazy but it worked for me) and sometime offered free service just to show the clients my capability and build reputation on the forum.

Once you are established, you will see people are coming back to you itself.

Moreover, you can start your thread offering your services as well free of cost. For example, I used to open thread about offering my SEO service.



This is the micro gigs website where people sell their services for as low as $5.

You too can sign up for free and start selling your services. If you look at other’s advertisements, they sell just anything for $5.

This is an ideal place to start with a small and scale up later.



This is a marketplace for internet marketer. Just like Fiverr, you can start various gigs at your price.

You can offer date entry service, SEO/Internet marketing service for certain dollar.

Here too once you complete clients work on time, you are more likely to have him coming back to you once again.

Best of Luck for find your first job online !

I will keep updating this list hence you may bookmark this page or subscribe to the newsletter so that whenever I update this list, you get a notification right in your mail box.

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Legit Websites to find real work opportunities online
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