Setup WP Blog in 10 mins [Step-wise Tutorial]

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In this article, I’ll list down every single step of setting up a blog by yourself. When I say every single step I meant everything, right from choosing a domain name till the end of having a fully functional blog !

If you follow the steps carefully, It wouldn’t take more than 10 mins to completely set-up your blog.

I’ll be covering every minute thing which I believe may strike in your mind for setting up a blog. I’ll cover things like:

  • What is cost of registering a domain name
  • What are good Domain Registrar
  • What are good hosts
  • What is the cost of hosting
  • Where to buy template/theme and
  • the content part.

When I started blogging several years back I had no idea I’ll choose blogging as full time profession but one thing I knew and was sure of since day one, I enjoy it and this is something I always wanted to do.

Internet Marketing has been my passion and I used to learn and share different tips & tricks while sticking to 9 to 5 job for several years.

Hence it is really important that you must have keen interest in blogging otherwise you’ll end up with wasting money and time.

Let’s get started without wasting another second !

Find the niche

The very first thing in this process is selecting a niche. To do so, start with a question –

What I’m passionate about?  Or

Which particular area/market I’ve great knowledge about?

This is really important that you have good knowledge of the topic you want to blog about. It is because of the fact that you’ll have to write lots of content for the readers.

Other thing you can do is, you can chose the niche based on your current job (or previous). For example, If you had worked in an insurance company, you must have great knowledge of insurance and stuff and starting a blog on this topic will be a great idea.

You’ll have plenty of things to write about and recommend products/ services to the readers. If I talk about myself, I expertise in Internet Marketing/Blogging and hence started this blog.

List of niche

Below are the categories you can further explore to get into specific niche. To do that you can find plenty of tools online for free, Google Keyword Planner is one of them.

There can be uncountable number of categories and niches to choose from. Select the one which you have great knowledge about.

Insurance Automobile Internet Marketing Work at home
Sport Mesothelioma Weight Loss Gambling
DIY Make Money Online E-learning Business
Finance Medical Law Online Business
Education Employment Gardening Travel
Astrology Foreign Exchange Software & Services Dating
Politics Parenting Games Cooking

Register a domain name

It’s four step process discussed below.

Domain name Idea

By now you have selected niche you want to blog about. It’s time to find suitable domain name for your blog. I take help from Panabee Or Lean Domain Search to find a business/domain name for new blog.

Both the tools are pretty easy to use and anyone with no technical knowledge can work on it to get a domain idea. Create a list of 10 alternatives (domain names) and note down in excel spreadsheet.

Choose a Domain name

So now you have list of 10 alternatives to choose from. Analyse each of these names and select one which is short and memorable and in accordance with the theme (niche) of your blog.

Generally top level domains are given preference, so I’d advise you to go for .com (not even .net or .org let along other extensions) domain name.

Major domain Registrar & their prices

Now you have chosen domain name and its time to register it. The domain is registered for minimum of one year and the cost of registering a domain name depends on registrar.

What you pay now will become due same day next year. However if you are planning something for long term, you can register domain for 2, 3, 5 or upto 10 years.

Although there are plenty of domain name sellers online but we must book one from reliable seller, having great support system in place and offers discounts if possible.

Over the span of eight and half year, I’ve tested almost all major domain sellers and created a list of top domain registrar. I would recommend you to buy domain from below registrar because of their good service.

  • Godaddy – Click here to buy domain name for 99 cents
  • Namecheap
  • Name.com
  • Bigrock
  • 1and1
Registrar Cost
Godaddy $0.99. Click here to buy
Namecheap $10.69
Name.com $10.99
Bigrock $9.99

Finalising domain Registrar and book a domain name

Godaddy is the largest domain seller in the world and the support system is pretty impressive. You can get to talk to customer support instantly via Toll-free telephone. I highly recommend Godaddy !

Everyone would want a service provider who has been into business for a long time and offering good service to its customers.

The best method to know if a registrar is reliable & good or not, is reading customer’s review online and seek recommendations from experts.

I recommend Godaddy because they are into business for over a decade and the customer support is excellent! If you go with the Godaddy, the cost of domain for first year would be $0.99 (I assume everyone would want to go with best & cheap).

Total expense so far = $0.99

Buy Hosting Plan

It’s a three step process give below.

Know Hosting needs

Next, before you buy hosting plan, you must know hosting needs. Some important things to be taken into account are:

  • How much of web space do you actually need?
  • Will you be uploading lots of images? or other documents? (you need bigger space)
  • Do you want metered or unmetered bandwidth & webspace?
  • How much traffic are you expecting moving forward?
  • Whether you want to host one or many websites?

Major hosting service provider

Just like domain registrar, I’ve tested almost all major hosting service providers and created a list based on my experience. Don’t keep “Low Cost” the only criteria of choosing host because there are many hidden facts with low cost hosting which trouble later.

HostFeaturesPriceGo to website
bluehost-1One Free domain
Free site builders
30 day money back guarantee
24 x 7 customer support
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
unlimimted sub domain
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited parked domains
$3.49/ monthClick here
hostgator-Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domain
99.9% Up time guarantee
45 day Money Back Guarantee
$100 Bing Credits
$100 Google Adwords credits
Unlimited Email accounts
Award winning customer support
$3.95/ monthClick here
dreamhost100% up time
Unlimited space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
24x7 customer support
97 day money back guarantee
$7.95/ monthClick here
ipage-1Unlimited disk space
Unlimited Email accounts
30 day Money back guarantee
$100 Google Adwords credits
Host Unlimited domain
30 day money back guarantee
$1.99/ monthClick here
ixwebhostingUnlimited Disk space
Unlimited domain host
Unlimited Bandwidth
One free domain
30 Day money back guarantee
7 day free trial
99.9% Uptime
Host unlimited domains
$3.95/ monthClick here
fatcow-1Free domain name
Unlimited disk space
30 day money back guarantee
$47/ yearClick here
godaddy-a99% uptime guarantee
Host 1 website
100 GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
100 Email addresses
Global data centers
24 x7 customer support
$3.99/ monthClick here
150x45-eHostFree Domain Name
Free Email Address
Host Unlimited Domains
$100 Bing Credit
45 Day money Back
$2.75/ monthClick here

Select Host & Buy hosting Plan

It’s time to go ahead and buy a good hosting plan from reliable company. To buy a hosting plan, one should have a domain name registered already.

You could register domain (with same company you will buy hosting plan from) name at the time of purchasing hosting plan as well but it needs to be done with same company you are purchasing hosting from.

But here we will use two different companies for registering domain name and purchasing hosting plan. So you must have domain name registered already. For domain registration I recommend Godaddy !

If you ask for my recommendations on the hosting, I’d suggest Hostgator. They offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and allow to host unlimited domains with a single shared hosting plan (baby plan).

On top of that you can register one domain for FREE. The most important thing is being able to handle good number of real time visitors and the customer support.

So if you go with my recommendation, below is the the approx monthly cost for first.

Godaddy Domain $0.99/12 = $0.0825
Bluehost Hosting $3.95
Total approx monthly cost now (first year) $4.0325

Setup BLANK blog

So by now we have both the things ready, a domain name and the hosting. You need to link the domain with hosting service and install blogging platform. This process is called updating name servers.

The whole process of setting up a blog with Hostgator is explained here.

At the end of of this process, you will have a BLANK blog setup and login details of WordPress admin panel (ie.wp-admin).

In case anyone needs further help with updating name server & installing WordPress, contact me through FB, Twitter or direct email.

Find and install WordPress theme

You’ve created a BLANK WordPress blog which doesn’t look good to the visitors. In order to make visitors read what you write on the blog, you must have cool graphics, easy navigation, fast loading blog and easy to read on mobile devices as well.

There are plenty of free WordPress themes available at WordPress’s official website but I’d not recommend a free theme for several reasons.

I can’t discuss those reasons in this article because of they being beyond the scope of this article.

A premium or paid theme would not only make your blog look good but it will help with Search Engine Optimisation as well. Read more about Search Engine Optmisation. Below are some good websites you can purchase themes from.

Websites to buy themes

SellerFeaturespriceGo to website
mythemeshop359869 Happy customers
Themes for all categories
24x7 customer support
Responsive Design
Lifetime membership
15 day money back policy
$47/Click here
theme junkie69 wordpress themes
30000 happy customer
24x7 customer support
650,000 total theme downloads
$39 for single theme
$49 for all theme (1 year)
Click here

If you go with Mythemeshop, below is the monthly cost.

Domain $0.0825
Hosting $3.95
WordPress Theme $47/12 = $3.92 per month

(However, we will have to pay $47 in one go first month itself)

Total approx monthly cost becomes $7.95

Install WordPress theme

So now you have bought theme and downloaded it in your computer. Login to your blog by accessing the URL www.yourexampleblog.com/wp-admin and Username & Password which you had gotten at the time of setting up BLANK blog above.

Here is the process of theme installation:

Step: 1 –  Login to wp-admin with username and password

Step: 2 – After login, it will take you to Dashboard. Click Appearance > theme as shown in below image. Install theme

Step:3 – Click Add New button as below.

install theme 2

Step:4 – Click Upload Theme.

Install theme 3

Step:5 – Now you have to locate the downloaded file by clicking “Choose File” button as shown in below figure and hit “install Now”.

The theme will be installed in few seconds and can be activated in next step simply by clicking “Activate Theme” button.

Install theme 4

Find and install necessary Plugins

Plugins are the savior for the bloggers like me who don’t have knowledge of coding. There are tons of plugins available to customize a blog such as adding Contact Us form, Sitemap, creating subscriber form etc. You’ll find plugin for everything !

The process of installing a plugin is almost same as theme installation. Follow below steps:

Step:1 – Login to wp-admin with username and password.

Step:2 – Click “Plugins” from left hand side menu and then “add new”.

Step:3 – Search for the plugin using search bar on right side.

Step:4 – Click “Install Now” button to install a plugin and activate it. You’re done !

Although the requirement of plugins depends on blogger’s choice, there are some essential plugins which must be installed while setting up a new WordPress blog. See the whole list HERE

Add Content

So now you have setup everything and its time to write content for your blog. Like I discussed before, you must blog on the topic you are passionate about.

If that is the case, you will have plenty of things to write about but its not possible to write this many article at once.

Start with a single articles that may take upto 1 day to write, proof read, find relevant images, case study if you want to include findings in the article etc.

Some people find writing article is difficult to them because of whatsoever reason, I don’t want to get into details.

In that case, there are plenty of websites they can hire writers from.

Some websites I’d like to recommend can be found Here. Although this list is useful for finding work but the same websites can be used to find workers as well.

Apart from this list, one thing which works well for me is FACEBOOK Groups. There is hell lot of content writing groups which you can join and post the requirement. You will find good writer at reasonable price.

In general, I easily find article writer for $4/500 words (in some cases even lesser). In case you start off with 10 articles of 500 words each (longer is the article, higher is the chances of it being ranked in search results), the cost of articles comes out to be $40.

The total approx monthly expenses now =

Domain charges $0.0825
Hosting Charges $3.95
Theme Purchased $3.92
Content purchased $40
Total approx monthly cost $47.95

Although I’ve calculated monthly cost but some payments are billed annually and have to made first month itself. So the total approx cost incurred first month –

$0.99 (domain, paid for year) + $3.95 (hosting, paid for a month) + $47 (theme, paid for a year) + $40 (content, paid for a month).  = $91.94.

Next month, you’ll not have to pay for Domain & theme as we have already paid for one year for both of these two items. So from 2nd month onward, you have to pay $47.99 (Domain and theme charges) less.

By the end of this process, you’ll have a fully functional blog ready to be advertised and monetised.

Over to you !

Setup WP Blog in 10 mins [Step-wise Tutorial]
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