How to Start a Fashion blog {Step-by-Step Guide}

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Are you inspired with some fashion blogger knowing how much of a famous personality he/she has become ? Inspired to know how much of a good monthly income he/she makes of a blog ?

and now..

..thinking about starting your own fashion blog.

But..have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry ! I’ll help you.

Do you think…

..you will understand the whole process of starting a fashion blog better If I teach you this step-by-step?

If yes, then get relaxed because this is exactly what I’m going to do in this article !


By the end of this article, you will understand the whole process like where to start, where to buy a domain name, where to buy a web hosting, how to setup blog, how to write content, how to promote it and finally, how to start making money.

Let’s get started !

Some people blog for sharing the knowledge they have acquired over the years, some other find writing on a particular topic amusing.

For example, this friend of mine is a Civil Engineer and works in a good company. In his spare time, he likes to write about roads and bridges on his blog just to share his knowledge. Blogging is his passion, he doesn’t do it for money!

However, it is interesting to know that many other people go a step ahead and make blogging a profession. Michelle did the same! 

Michelle who blogs about finance & lifestyle at Making sense of cents makes much better living than anyone would make by working 9 to 5.

According to latest income report (Jan 2017) she published on her blog, she made $139,233 in January alone. That’s really impressive, isn’t it?

I was very impressed by reading this article where she discussed how she started blogging and was able to payback education loan of $40,000 in just few months.

Michelle is one example, there are number of bloggers out there who are making hundreds of thousands of dollar through their blog.

PatFlynn – A well known male blogger who blogs about Internet Marketing at Smart Passive Income regularly publishes income reports. Pat increased December 2016 month income by 14.34% and reached to $151,137.88 in same month alone! 

Why I’m discussing all these things to let the readers know how powerful blogging is.

So, whatever your motive is, either you want to make money, share and gain knowledge or do it for passion, this guide will help you start a Fashion blog from scratch.

(PS: though this article is particularly written for setting up Fashion blog, the process is same for other niches as well except recommended WordPress theme, Plugins and ways of promotion).

I’ll split this guide in below steps-

  1. Why Fashion Blog?
  2. Getting ready.
  3. Register a domain Name.
  4. Purchase a hosting plan (Claim web hosting discount- HERE).
  5. Setup blog on WordPress.
  6. Install theme & important plugins
  7. Add Content
  8. Promote
  9. Make Money

#1 Why Fashion blog?

Get noticed – Blogging puts you in an open platform where people from different part of the world come to you, get to know, learn from you.

When you write some useful fashion tips that solve problems, your content is liked and shared between huge population on the internet.

Keep writing useful articles on your blog helps you gain followers and recognition that ultimately helps you stand out of crowd on the internet and in real life too.

Share knowledge and get appreciated – It feels good when someone appreciates you for the help you have offered.

Some people blog to share the knowledge and when their knowledge is used to get some positive results, they are thanked. It gives them sense of inner satisfaction that they were of any help to someone

Make extra Income or full time living – Some people blog part time and make some money based on the efforts they put in to maintain their blog. It could be a source of extra income or a mean for full time living.

People like Pat Flynn, Mathewwoodward, Michelle are some of the well known bloggers who blog full time and make thousands of dollar each month by their blog.

#2 Getting Ready

Pull your socks up, Blogging is not easy !

First off make sure you ready to start a blog because it needs great time & efforts. If you think you aren’t passionate about fashion and not able to write content or put efforts in promotion then blogging could be little difficult for you. 

Writing content is not an easy task as you will have to do in-depth research about a particular topic each time before you write a new blog post.

Though, you may hire someone to write content for your blog but your interest on the topic is really important. It will require you to update on regular basis.

Similarly promoting your blog is not an easy task. So you must be ready for that as well.

#3 Register a domain name

The actual process of starting a fashion blog starts from registering a domain name. Domain name is a unique web address (on the internet) of your blog which people will use to access your blog.

The cost of registering a domain name varies from one registrar to others however the average top level domain registration cost falls between $10-$15 per year.

Some registrars allow domain registration at discounted for first year as a part of promotion to new customers. Godaddy is one of them ! It offers domain at 99 cents to the first time customer.

.com, .net, .org or any other extension?

In early days, .com .net and .org were the only popular domain extensions but today we have hundreds of them. Apart from gLTD domains you can go for ccLTD such as people from the US can go for .us, UK people for .uk, Australia people for .au etc. 

However, I’d recommend to go for .com domain for being most popular and accepted everywhere in the world. ccLTD domains are country specific and sometimes act as barrier.

So lets go for .com domain !

Domain registrar 

There are several domain registrar on the internet that offer domain registration at cheaper cost. But, it is not always about pricing !

We must consider several other factors as well such as support, domain steal protection, privacy protection etc.

On the basis of my decade long experience, I feel Godaddy is the best domain registrar. I prefer Godaddy for several reasons such as good 24×7 support, great price and discounts.

Arizona, US headquartered domain registrar Godaddy is one of the oldest domain registrar serving more than 14 million customers (at the time of writing this post) and managing more than 63 million domains.

With over 5000+ people work force across the world and top class customer support, Godaddy successfully completed 20 years of business.

Checklist of choosing a good domain name:

The domain name is something that people will store in mind to visit your blog over and again. So make must make sure its easy to pronounce and memorable.

Not just that, there are several other things you need to considering while choosing a domain name. Below is the checklist that will help you choose a good domain name.

      • Memorable – It shouldn’t be hard to spell or pronounce.
      • Brandable – The domain name should be brandable.
      • Pronounceable.
      • Avoid Hyphen, number.
      • Shorter length is Good.
      • Something that explains itself that the blog is a fashion blog. Any fashion related commercial word in a domain name is good to go.

#4 Purchase a hosting plan –

Webhosting is the backbone of a blog and you must choose one which is reliable, having good support system, comes with addon features and don’t make a hole in pocket.

Sometimes we perceive something which comes costly is reliable too. But it is not true, so don’t blindly go ahead and buy costlier one.

I’ve used web hosting from various companies and compared pros & cons of these companies. I found BlueHost is a better option because of great customer support and not being much costly.

The best part is you’re allowed to cancel the order within 30 days if not satisfied and get 100% refund. No question will be asked !

However, you are allowed to cancel the plan anytime too (beyond 30 days) but in that case the refund will be made on pro-rata basis. BlueHost’s refund policy doesn’t apply to associated products such as domain.

If you have registered a domain with BlueHost at the time of purchasing hosting plan, the domain charges would be applied irrespective of fact if you are cancelling order within 30 days or later !

Let’s go ahead and purchase a web hosting plan from BlueHost now !

Click here to claim discount.

There is two things now, One is to register a domain & purchase hosting together from BlueHost and other is to direct already registered domain to BlueHost hosting. We’ll go with later as we’ve registered domain with Godaddy (in above steps).

How to purchase hosting plan with BlueHost

Click here and see all available plans.

If you are planning to start only a single fashion blog, the starter plan is more than enough and you have planned to start more than one blog “Plus” plan is good to go.

However, whatever the case may be, I’d recommend to go with “Plus” plan since starting because it comes with unlimited website space, sub-domain etc.

Bluehost plans

Select “Plus” and you will be taken to next page which looks similar to one below. Enter your domain name registered at Godaddy in the right hand side box (given in below image) and click next. (see the discounts available at BlueHost- Click Here)

BlueHost hosting

You will then be taken to below form. Fill out all the information such as First & Last Name, Business Name, Country etc. Select the duration of hosting plan, enter your payment information, accept terms and conditions and hit “Submit”

Bluehost - create account

Congratulations ! you’ve purchased a web hosting plan from BlueHost !

Check your email, there must be series of emails about payment receipt and account details.

Email which contains account details must have cpanel details, ftp details, name servers etc.

#5 Point Name servers

The next step is to login to Godaddy (domain registrar) and update name servers. Updating name server is a process of pointing domain name to the hosting in a simpler terms.

In order to update name servers, you need to login to Godaddy account and click on “Manage DNS” and then “NameServers”

Copy name servers (two which you got in email from  Bluehost) and update in domain manager. Once done, allow changes to take effect.

It takes maximum of 24 hours as suggested by Godaddy but for me every time it didn’t take me more than 15 mins !

#6 Install blogging platform – WordPress

So now the the basic things are done, its time to install a blogging platform on the server. Although there are quite a few blogging platforms but the easiest and most powerful platform among all is WordPress.

According to a report published at BuiltWith, it is found that more than 51% of all the websites on the internet is powered by WordPress CMS (content management system).

Wordpress Share



Out of 17,402,952 websites on the internet as on February 6th, 2017, more than 8,701,476 websites are powered by WordPress. It makes sense to go with WordPress.

Let’s start with WordPress Installation.

Login to hosting control panel using details sent by BlueHost and head over to WordPress as shown in below image

Wordpress Cpanel

You will be taken to below page. click green “Install Button”

Wordpress installation

Select the domain you want to install WordPress to.

Install WordPress

Tick checkbox which says “Show advanced options”

Wordpress chose domain

Enter Site Name / Title and other details, agree to terms and conditions and hit “Install Now” Button.

More settings

If you see below message, the wordpress installation is complete !. click on “View Credentials”, copy all of them and save it in a notepad.  You’ll use this information over and again to login to ADMIN panel of your blog
Wordpress Installed

#7 Install theme

The basic structure is setup, we now need to install WordPress theme. The recommended fashion WordPress themes you can go for are :

Glam Pro by Studiopress

Silver by themejunkie

Click here and jump to “Install WordPress Theme” section. OR you can watch this video :

#8 Install Plugins

Although a good WordPress theme comes with all the necessary features but there are several plugin which will help you customise your fashion blog. Below is the list of recommended plugins.

  • JetPack – Multipurpose plugin for stats, subscription box etc.
  • Contact 7 – Create Contact us form
  • WP Super Cache / W3 Total Cache- Cache for fast page load
  • Akismet – To stop spam
  • TinyMCE Advance – Visual Editor
  • Regenerate Thumbnail – To resize images
  • Yoast SEO – For on-page SEO
  • Ninjaform – For Subscription form

Plugin installation is pretty simple. Search for the plugin in Wp-Admin, hit install & Activate ! (click here and jump to “Install Pugin” section

#9 Add Content

Here comes the crucial part. You must add high quality content to your blog regularly and keep it updated with fresh one. Make a schedule for adding content and maintain. Write about latest topics, it will engage people and make them share your content.

Since you are reading this article, you’ve great interest in fashion and it wouldn’t be tough for you to write on different topics.

However, if you believe there is too much to do for writing an article and you can’t put this much of efforts, there are several websites such as Freelancer.com, PPH etc. you can use to find good content writer from. Facebook group is yet another great place to find a content writer.

How to find topics to write about?

Fashion is a broad niche and there is lots of things to cover. Write something which is in line with latest trend, could help people sort out problems, tutorial and how-to guides.

How-to guides are something that interest readers and make them share your article with friends on social media profiles (this is what we need !).

Make sure the topic is latest and content length is no less than 500 words atleast. However, larger the length of the articles, higher is the chance of it being ranked in Google.

Below results of a research done by SerpIQ reveals that average length of the articles ranking higher in search results are more than 2000 words.

Larger content increases chances of your post ranking higher in search results. Click here to see detailed article about finding topics to write about.

Avg length of article

#10 Promotion –

When you are done with setting up blog and adding content, its time to promote your blog. There are several ways you can do that and I’ll cover them.

Make use of Popular social media site

Make use of social  media giant FaceBook- When it comes to promotion of a website or a blog, social media plays a critical role.

You need not to be a master in order to promote your blog on social media. Whenever you add new content to your blog, share it on Facebook directly using social sharing button and ask people to like and share.

When someone likes or shares your content, it becomes available to more number of people and if those people again share your content, it reaches to much more people and the chain continues.

Google ranks posts which are being liked and shared at Facebook higher in search results.

Zorpia reveals that there is 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook out of which 1.23 billion people log on to their profile daily and average time spent per visit goes close to 20 mins. On an average five new profiles are being created per second.

With such huge numbers, Facebook can’t be ignored ! so make use of this free resources to the fullest.

Twitter is your friend – Twitter is yet another big platform for promoting your blog. Here again, whenever you publish content, share it on twitter and ask people to like and re-tweet your tweets.

Grow your network so that you can reach more and more number of people.

Instagram is a King for Fashion blog – Instagram is yet another social channel that has grown pretty faster in recent years in terms of number of users.

Since, Instagram is more about pictures & videos, sharing dress designs, hair design, nail art, how-to videos and stuff like that could help you engage audience and grow your instagram network.

Grow Instagram network and in profile description, give your blog URL.

Make use of Pinterest – When it comes to Fashion blog, Pinterest can not be ignored at any cost. The majority of population on Pinerest is female, it does make sense you promote blog on Pinterest.

According to report published at Pinterest blog, there is more than 150 million active Pinterest users across the world.

The study at Search Engine Land reveals that 71% of the population on Pinterest is Female, however the number of male sign ups are growing rapidly.

So why not take advantage of this huge female dominating social network?

To drive traffic from Pinterst you need to share your images, interact with users, pin and re-pin other’s image and grow network.

Email Outreach-

Get in touch with like minded bloggers, that’s the key for making your blog popular. Create good content and outreach bloggers in your niche telling how this content will be useful for their blogs.

Neil Patel explains how you can start off with email outreach promotion method and get maximum out of it.

Neil finds although email outreach is bit time consuming and boring but the results are pretty good.

He also explained whole process in simple steps right from finding email of people to write an effective email.

Guest Post

A bit expensive and time consuming but its the most effective method of promoting your blog.

Get in touch with people in Fashion niche via various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, direct emails or through their website’s contact us form and request them to publish your content.

Sometimes bloggers allow you to publish content for free however in some cases you need to pay to get your article published.

Request them to give you link back to your blog in return of this useful content.

When you approach someone, make sure you offer a good content else people might not be interested in publishing on their blogs.

Participate in Forums

There are plenty of fashion forums on the internet. Sign up and communicate with the members of such blogs. Give link of your fashion blog occasionally provided it add value to the discussion.

Do not spam forums with posting your blog link every time you reply to any thread on the forum. It may lead to termination of your account on the forum.

Infography – How to start a Fashion Blog

If you want to use above infography in your post, copy and paste below code on the page.


While finding fashion related blogs, forums to Participate in could be a tough task, my trick can make it super easy.

Use below queries in Google to find relevant blogs for Guest Post, comments and forums to participate in.

#11 Time for making money off your fashion blog

So once yo are done with setting up a fashion blog by following the my step-by-step guide, and started to receive traffic, its time to make money from your fashion blog !

Ofcourse blogging gives you fame, people get to know you, they follow you on social media website, seek your advise and recommendations.


this is not the only thing what a fashion blogger must blog for. Infact, the fashion blogger are the most successful bloggers in terms of making money.

There are tons of ways you can monetise your blog and I’ll discuss them in brief.

Get into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a main source of income for most of affiliate marketers. They make huge money by promoting the product of someone else.

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. You being an affiliate of a company promote their product and get paid commission (one time or recurring) if anyone takes action through your affiliate ID.

The action I’m talking about here is, either the customer buys a product you are promoting, or completes a survey, Installs an app etc.

The best affiliate program for the bloggers are- Selling domain names, web hosting, SEO tools, physical products from Amazon or ebay, WordPress themes & Plugins etc.

Sell Ebook

Selling digital products such as E-book can bring in great revenue. Make an e-book on any topic which you think can solve people’s problem and sell them on your blog.

Google Adsense

One of the best method of monetising your blog if you re beginner. Once your blog starts to receiving traffic, apply for Google adsense account and once the account is approved, you can place google adsense ads to make money.


Media.net too allows you to place ads on your blog once you get account approved. You get paid for each click made by the visitors coming to your website.

Offer consultancy

If you are good at setting up WordPress Blog, or promoting it, offer this service to the clients and make money. Show them how good your blog performs when it comes to making money. Tell them why you should be hired for this job.

Flip blog

I wouldn’t suggest you this method unless your blog makes appropriate amount of money, probably $200-$300 per month.

The reason is you have put sleepless nights of efforts and money into setting up blog, writing content and promoting it. If it doesn’t make some money, people will want to buy it for peanuts saying it doesn’t value much.

The blog which makes some per month are flipped for 20- 25x of monthly revenue. So if you have a blog making $300 per month, you can easily flip it for 5000-6000 USD. Flippa.com is one of the biggest buy/sell marketplace and the best place to sell your blog.

Want more methods? check out this Dedicated Article

Over to you !

If you need any help, get in touch with me through email or contact us form.

Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if it was helpful.

How to Start a Fashion blog {Step-by-Step Guide}
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