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Top 5 alternatives of Google Adsense

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Google Adsense Alternatives

Google adsense is undoubtedly the most popular and easiest way of making money out of your blog provided the blog receives sufficient traffic and you have approved adsense account.

In recent past, we have seen lots of major updates from Google and today its not easy to get Adsense account approved as it used to be few years back from now.

It wouldn’t surprise me if anyone comes to me and says he/she is struggling to get their Google Adsense account approved.

According to buildwith whooping 10,342,273 websites are using Google Adsense for making money at the time of writing this article.

If we talk about the categories, technology being the most popular category among these websites followed by News & Business.

Adsense Verticals

The strict Google Adsense rules (I support Google for being strict) results in lots of adsense account being banned every day for not following guidelines.

Google does that to be fair with the advertisers and prevent invalid activity.

Put yourself under advertiser’s shoes and imagine the situation where you have been throwing out money for each invalid click.

Some publishers try to abuse Google Adsense policies in an attempt to get maximum number of clicks which causes their account being disabled. Google is smarter than you !

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Why Google Adsense is the best ?

Google adsense is surely a great way of monetizing your website since the EPC is highest with adsense and I would suggest to go through the Google adsense guidelines thoroughly so that you don’t violate rules and get yourself banned.

If you are among those unlucky guys who got their adsense account banned already, stop scratching your head to find out reasons, you must have done something discussed below.

Google bans the publishers mainly for two reasons. First being an invalid activity such as clicking your own ads or asking people to click ads.

The second reason can be violation of Google adsense policy such as placing adsense ads on adult websites or in the way to gain accidental clicks, such as placing ads exactly below website menu to confuse the visitors.

Whether you have been banned or in other case, haven’t got adsense account approved yet, don’t get disheartened, I’ll discuss top 5 alternatives of Google adsense that will help you start making some money off your blog.

The main factor for monetizing your blog or a website is the traffic. If you have the traffic, you can monetise your blog with plenty of other methods than Google adsense.


Infolinks Ads Network

Infolinks is pretty good alternative of Google adsense and worth trying out.

How much you can earn per click depends on various factors such as the geographical locations where the clicks are coming from, advertisers competition etc.

I use Infolinks for one of my tech blog which is adsense banned and I see some good results.

I wouldn’t say its better than Google adsense but if you are banned or your blog is disabled for using adsense ads, infolinks is good to go with.

Getting infolinks account isn’t as tough as Google adsense. Unlike adsense, infolinks doesn’t count the traffic on your website and in most of the cases they approve the account within 24 hours.

There are plenty of ads format to chose from such as intext, inframe, infold, intag and inscreen.

Perform A/B testing to understand which format does well for your blog. With over 1,50,000 publishers, Infolinks is 3rd largest ad network in the world.

You must have atleast $50 in your account in order to get paid however the payment is made after 45 days of attaining minimum threshold amount. Infolinks offers to pay the publishers through various methods such as:

  • eCheck
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paypal
  • ACH (for the US publishers only)
  • Payoneer

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Media.net ads network

The other great alternative of Google adsense is Media.net, a Yahoo |Bing ad network.

They are relatively new but growing with a very fast pace. Builtwith indicates that more than 10,000 active publishers are using media.net ads to monetise their websites.

Among the publishers we already have some big giants using media.net such as ibtimes, theatlantic etc.

media dot net

Media.net offers different great ads formats and different sizes to choose from.

Again you can go with A/B testing to see which ad format and size does well for your blog layout.

Media.net is considered to be high revenue generating ads network and offers dedicated account manager once the account is approve who helps with setting up ads for your blog.

The company pays after 30 days of reaching minimum threshold payment of $100. The publishers can opt to get paid via wire transfer or PayPal.


Chitika ads network

Yet another great alternative of Google adsense that can help you monetize your blog by publishing ads on your blog is Chitika.

Founded back in 2003, the company is located in the US and offers different ads formats and sizes to experiment and see which ad unit works well for your blog.

In order to apply and get approved by this big ad network, you got to have a blog which not necessarily requires to be receiving huge traffic.

However, its better to apply for an account once the blog has sufficient amount of traffic.

The cost per click with Chitka is quite good if your blog is in tech or business niches.

Chitika releases the payment every 30 days through cheque or via PayPal.

The minimum threshold payment in this ad network is set to $10 which means you wouldn’t have to wait till you reach $100 like other networks.

As soon as you have $10 or more in your account, you can receive the amount directly in your PayPal account that will motivate you to work even harder.


Adversal ad network

Adversal manages to secure place in my list of best alternatives of Google adsense.

I’ve been using Adversal for quite sometime now and the results are not too bad. It can be bit disappointing for the newbie that

Adversal needs websites receiving atleast 50,000 page views per month.

I understand that for the beginners its little tough to drive this much of traffic but one can consider this option once the blog starts to receive required traffic.

Adversal is a nice option for the blog receiving 50k+ page views as the earning potential with this option is quite good.

They offer you banners and pop-unders ads to be implemented on the blog. As far as payout is concern, it is not set high and you can opt to receive payment as soon as the account reaches $20 or more.

The payment can be received through wire transfer or PayPal after 30 days of reaching minimum threshold amount.

RevenueHits – 


Though the company is relatively new but it has been successful in attracting the people to use their ad network.

They offer banners, pop-unders, sliders etc. for monetisation. Talking about the minimum threshold payment, it is set to $50.

You have an option to withdraw payment through Payoneer, Wire transfer or PayPal ! You must have to wait 30 days after the account is reached to minimum threshold payment.

It takes 3-4 days in general for them to review your application and approve it. Once the account is approved, you can login to your account and create either banner or chose from other options such as slider, pop-unders etc.

Bottom Line – The bottom line is, Google Adsense is not the only method of monetising any blog.

If you have the blog receiving great amount of traffic, there is number of ways of making money out of it.

Just work on driving quality traffic on your blog following right practices and explore options for generating revenue.

Top 5 alternatives of Google Adsense
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