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Top 5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing is the most effective way of generating revenue for a business hence why I discussed in my previous article every blogger should start building email list since day one !

The people who sign up email list and agree to receive emails are the potential customers who look at the offers sent to them and make purchase repeatedly.

In a survey conducted by Ascend2 from a panel of 50,000 people, it was found that whooping 82% companies use Email Marketing technology to market their products followed by Social Media at 67%. Take a look at some other shocking stats on the email marketing.

Interesting Stats

  • For every $1 spent, the average expected return is $44.25 – emailstatcounter
  • 95% people who subscribe to receive emails from the brand find email somewhat or very useful- Salesforce
  • 73% marketers agree that Email Marketing is core to their business – EmailStatCenter
  • 95% of online consumers use email – EmailStatCenter
  • Amazing 4300% ROI – Copybloger
  • According to B2B online, 59% B2B marketers believe Email Marketing is the most effective channel for revenue generation – B2Bonline
  • The number of worldwide email users are 2.6 billion as of today and expected to grow 2.9 billion by 2019 – Mediapost
  • 72% surveyed people in the US prefer email as preferred channel of communication –Marketingsherpa

Email marketing in the US

  • 91% of the consumers open their email atleast once a day via smartphone –Mobile Behavior Report
  • 67% of marketers believe that email is a key to attract and engage prospects and the best way to enhance ROI – Forbes.
  • 66% of the US consumers who are aged 15 and more and made purchase is a result of Email Marketing – MarktheMaterker
  • By 2017 total worldwide emails sent per day will cross 206 billion emails per day mark, expecting 3% growth year by year –Radicati

email sent per day by 2017

From above stats, we can analyse how important email marketing campaign is for any business yet many businesses focus on other channels of Marketing.

I wouldn’t say they don’t try Email Marketing, probably they don’t follow the right practice for effective Email Marketing campaign and see no better results.

I often hear from the people that they make almost no sales through email marketing.

BUT ! the question arises do they follow right email marketing practices? when it is studied that email marketing yields 4300% ROI, these guys make no sales? there must be something wrong !

According to limus, users spend 3-4 seconds to decide whether they want to open email or not. So you have only 3-4 seconds to make them act on your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is about understanding the audience in the list, find their problems or the needs and offer them product or service that might help them.

Moreover targeting the right audience for right product is a key. For example if majority of people in your email list are female and you send them email with shaver offers, I don’t feel you will be successful with selling even a single item (except exceptional cases).

Moreover if the same list is sent with make -up or jewelry offers, you can expect some really good results.

Before we start off with Email Marketing campaign, we need to understand several things and I’ll try to cover most of them in this post.

Over the years, I used email marketing for my affiliate websites and saw some really good results.

Whatever I’ve learnt about email marketing, I’ll share it via this post. Let’s get started.

1) Create Good relationship with the list

Subscribers list is the biggest asset of any business and we must take care of each subscriber in the list.

The first and foremost thing of email marketing campaign is to create good relationship with the subscribers.

Unless you don’t value their feelings, all your marketing efforts will go in vain.

Create healthy relationship with the people by sending them personalized email on special occasions such as B’day, Christmas, New year, Anniversary etc (I know each email costs you some money but it will be covered).

It helps with making customers feel being special and sense of belongingness to the company.

Thank them for being a long lasting customer, offer them discount via personalised email on special occasions.

ClickZ study indicates that Birthday email can lift the conversion rate upto 60%. So why not A/B test it?

2) Write catchy subject line for better Email Open Rate

The subject line is the most important element of your email marketing campaign as people judge the intention of the email by reading subject line.

Just like a blog post where it is found that 8 out of 10 (and only 2 read the rest of article) people read the headline and understand the relevancy of article to them, in Email Marketing too people decide whether to open the email or not by reading subject line.

Unbounce explains 64% people open the email because of subject line.

Understand the audience and write title that may interest the users in the list.

Moreover its about testing, things worked for me may not work for others. So experiment with A/B testing and see what option either A or B works well.

Based on my experiments and what I’ve learnt out of these experiments, I’d like to suggest the following tips of writing a better email subject line.

My Tips

  • Create a sense of emergency, it increases open rate. For example including words such as “Offer ends in 24 hours” ,”Offer valid only for today” perform well and the email open rate is relatively higher in such cases.
  • Limit the subject line to 50 characters.
  • Send the email from an individual not a company. The email sent from company are considered more of a promotional email and hence the open rate is way lesser than those sent from an Individual which makes people feel that some real person is communicating with them.
  • Personalize the subject line by mentioning receivers name.

3) Format email for Mobile

Test and format your email for mobile devices. In today’s time when majority of online activities such as Google search, accessing social media sites, playing games are being done on the mobile, we can’t afford to ignore this major population.

The approximate number of smartphone users by end of December 2015 were expected be over 1,800 million which will increase to well over 2,600 million by 2019 according to Statista.

Smartphone users

  • Out of total 900 million active gmail users, 75% users access their emails on their mobile. – Tech crunch
  • 81% people access their emails on the smartphone- Gartner
  • 61% of webmail users open mails on the mobile – Litmus
  • About 24% companies aren’t optimsing the emails for mobile phones –experian
  • 70% people delete the emails which don’t format well on the mobile devices – Bluehornet
  • 91% people check emails on the smartphone atleast once a day according to ExactTarget –Outboundengine
  • Emails opened on the mobile has grown 30% from 2010 to 2015 – Campaign Monitor
  • 33% of emails are opened on the iPhone – Litmus

These are some interesting stats which show how important it is to optimise your Email for mobile devices for better results.

Where the study shows whooping 81% people check their emails on the smartphone, 24% companies aren’t optimising their emails for mobile devices, that’s shocking !

Again people are likely to delete the emails which don’t render well on the mobile devices. So work on it!

I would suggest to have responsive email design so that it renders well on all the screen sized mobile devices and you could capitalise on growing number of people accessing emails on their mobile.

Again perform A/B testing and see what all things work well for your email marketing campaign.

4)Chose the right time for sending email

It is also an important factor that need to be taken care of. The email should be sent to the subscribers at the right time for better CTR.

Put yourself in customers shoes and analyse what is the right time for sending email to the subscribers in the list.

Get response

GetRespnse analysed 21 million emails sent to the subscribers through the US email account and found the best day of sending emails to the subscribers is Tuesday through Thursday with Thursday being the best day.

The highest Open Rate and Click Through Rate happen on Thursday however the marketer capitalise on weekends traffic as well.

get response chart

In a study conducted by GetResponse, it was found that 8 PM to 11:59 PM is the best time for sending email to subscribers.

5) List Segmentation

Segmentation of your list is important as not every subscriber in the list belongs to same country, time zone, age, gender etc.

Just analyse your list and segment it based on your A/B testing for better email marketing campaign.

For example if you schedule email to be sent to whole list at 8 PM according to your time zone, the email may not land in different country’s subscriber at the suggested time because of different time zone which will result in failure of email marketing campaign. Here again you need to A/B test to find out the best.

See how segmentation helped different companies.

Johney Cupcakes, clothing brand  increased revenue by 141% by segmentation, Marketingsherpa explains in a case study.

In another case study, MarketingSherpa found e-commerce website Doggyloot increased open rate by 750% and hence the revenue by list segmentation.

Bottom Line –

The Email Marketing is a much bigger concept than just collecting email subscribers and sending them emails.

You need to analyse several things such as customer’s behavior, A/B test headlines, email content, timings, days etc.

Its a continuous process where we first collect user’s information, understand their preference and then market the product.


Top 5 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
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