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[Top 5] Methods of Making Money from you Blog

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It has been noticed that several bloggers who worked hard for creating a blog and promoting it struggle when it comes to monetisation.

Some people blog just for their passion, some other to brand themselves and many to make some money.

It does make sense to expect some monetary rewards from your blog.

I’ve seen lots of people suggest to never blog to make money but the truth is most of us blog because we want to make money out of it. Accept it !

In this post, I’ll be discussing top five great methods of blog monetisation.

These are the methods which every blogger can adopt to make some money out of its blog.

How much one can earn depends on the efforts and time invested. Let’s discuss these methods one by one.

#1 Pay per click advertisement

This is the most common method of blog monetisation and it starts to give results just after implementing this method on your blog.

In pay per click advertising method, the blogger earns money for each click made to the advertisement by the visitors coming to the blog.

The most common per per click advertising program is being offered by Google and its called Google Adsense.

Once you apply for Google Adsense account and the account gets approved, you can generate HTML code of ads (from pre-defined ads format) and insert the code where you want to display the ads on the webpage.


The biggest challenge in this method is securing Google Adsense account.

In recent days getting Adsense account approved was much easier but today it is a stand alone task in itself.

Google’s strict policies make it not so easy to get an Adsense account approved however if anyone follows the guidelines laid down by the company, the chances of getting account approved it pretty much higher.

If you want to know more about Google Adsense Program and how to get it approved, read other post here

When it comes to income potential, people make huge money from this program, some figures may surprise if you come to know how much top websites are making from Google Adsense.

Take a look at top Adsense earner (according to sources)

  • Mashable -$650,000 per/Month
  • Digital Point forum – $550,000 per/Month
  • pof.com – $350,000 per/Month
  • Digg.com – $250,000 per/Month
  • ehow – $240,000 per/Month

Quick tips for getting Adsense account approved –

  • The blog age should be more than 6 months
  • The blog must have more than 20 posts
  • The average word count of post should be 500+ words
  • Blog must have privacy policy page accessible from home page
  • Proper navigation

There are plenty of Pay Per Advertising program being offered by different companies but CPC (cost per click) with Google Adsense is pretty much decent than others.

Yahoo’s Media.net offers similar pay per advertising program and worth given a try.

Apart from this, Infolinks, Chitika are some good names in pay per click advertising space.

#2 Affiliate Programs – 

Affiliate marketing is the biggest source of income for most of the website owners.

For those who have no idea about it, Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting other’s product or service and getting fix percentage of commission on each sale.

For example if you are promoting a product (can be service too) called “P” of a company called “C”, you will get commission what the company has decided for each sale of product “P”.

The commission per sale varies from product to product.


When it comes to making money via affiliate marketing, the very first affiliate program comes in my mind is “Amazon Associates” Program.

At amazon, they call associates rather than affiliates. Top amazon associates make millions of dollar as commission per month by selling Amazon’s stuff.

The advantage of this program over selling own product is, you can completely eliminate the headache of maintaining inventory. You just need to refer people product you are promoting.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate program is pretty huge and being offered by company directly (not via affiliate networks).

In other cases, you can find lots of affiliate networks having tons of affiliate program listed with them.

You need to register an account with these network and select the affiliate program which you think worth promoting.

Affiliate Marketing is all about searching a good product which people are willing to buy, it requires lots of in-depth research.

Top affiliate programs

a) Amazon Associates – Click here to Apply for an affiliate account

b) Ebay – Click here to apply an affiliate account

c) Aliexpress – Click here to apply for an affiliate account

Top affiliate Networks

a) Maxbounty – Click here to apply for affiliate account.

b) ClickBank – CLICK HERE to apply for affiliate account.

c) Peerfly – Click here to apply for account

d) OfferVault – Click here to apply for affiliate account

d) JvZoo – Click here to apply for affiliate account

#3 Banner Advertisements

Blogger can sell space for banner on their blog to make some extra money.

But to sell banner advertisement on the blog, you must have huge amount of traffic on your blog.

People who are willing to buy banner space on the blog check several things and how much traffic does the blog receive is primary factor.


To start with it, finding people through social media interesting in banner advertisement at your blog is good to get started however websites like buyselladss, adsharemarket.com are some good place to list your website for banner advertisement.

#4 Paid posts

Selling blog posts or the reviews at your blog can be very lucrative as there are plenty of people and the companies interested in advertising their products on the websites or blogs.

To earn from this method, the blog must have search engine traffic, popularity and good authority (PA/DA).

Authority websites such as huffingtonpost, Examiner.com, buzzfeed.com charge huge money (in price range of $xxxx) for publishing a single post.

I know one can’t have authority website over night but there are lots of small fishes you can approach to.

#5 Write an Ebook and sell it

Another good method of making money out of your blog is sell e-book. Before you could start selling an e-book, you must have it ready.

You need to perform in depth research and find out the problem that people might be facing in your niche.

Based on your experience and the research, you can write an e-book which you think worth buying (to the buyers).


If you can’t write your own, there are plenty of websites where you can hire expert from and get one ready to be sold on your website.

It can be little expensive though, hence if you could write it yourself, it will save you lots of bucks.

These are some of the famous methods of monetising a blog however you will find hundreds of other ways of making money from a blog as you move along with the blogging journey.

[Top 5] Methods of Making Money from you Blog
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  • I want add few more points here
    1. By providing services.
    2. By selling own products.
    3. By selling ad space and link. ( selling links will harm for blog if ——– )

    Thanks for a great post.

  • Hello Sunil,

    Nice post. Actually I get approved by Google Adsense but my earning does not goes up according to my traffic. I am using affiliate marketing with my blog and its really give me some good result as well as money.

    • Thanks Vishwajeet.

      Adsense earning depends on geo location of the traffic. If majority of your website’s traffic is from India or other asian countries, you may not get good CPC. One should keep experimenting with different monetisation methods and chose the one that does well. Good luck.

  • Hi Sunil Singh,

    Really enjoyed the Article making money from blog. Just the information I was looking for. I just started my blog and I will be following your advice.

    Thank you ! Happy Blogging 🙂


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